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Gouache on paper
Image: 8.75 x 13.75 in (22.2 x 34.9 cm)
Folio: 9.25 x 14.25 in (23.4 x 36.1 cm)


The Tandan Collection

Epics and mythologies in praise of gods and goddesses were a popular subject of Kangra paintings. "The Vishnu of the Puranas is one of the most important gods of the later Hindu pantheons and, beside Shiva, he is the supreme deity who is worshipped by the Hindus through one or other of his incarnations. ... As an act of favour to the people he condescends to take birth and act like human beings." (Tandan, Indian Miniature Painting, p. 120)

In the Matysa Purana, an asura (demon) named Ajnana - or Hayagriva according to some texts - steals all knowledge of the Vedas from Lord Brahma, by catching the latter undefended and in a slumber as he prepares to transition to the next yuga (era). The demon then goes into hiding at the bottom of the ocean, forcing Vishnu to take form as a matsya (fish), his first incarnation, and recover the Vedic knowledge for the next yuga.

Here, Vishnu is depicted emerging magnificent, in his matsya form, carrying his trademark accompaniments of the shankha (conch shell), chakra (golden disc), gada (mace) and the padma (lotus). This scene depicts him in the act of vanquishing the asura.

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14 DECEMBER 2015

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