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Chitra Maasa - A Maharaja and his Queen

c. 1700-1710

Amer School, Rajasthan

Size: 12.5 x 8 in (31.6 x 20.3 cm)
Baramaasa paintings are based on each season of the twelve months of the year and the beauty they offer to nature. This particular painting of the Amer School is based on 'Chaitramaasa', the first month of the Hindu calendar. It is spring time when flowers are in bloom.

A Maharaja and his Queen are shown seated opposite each other while a female attendant stands behind the Maharaja with a fly-whisk in her right hand to comfort them. The Maharaja is shown wearing a light pink coloured jama, a pajama of fine fabric, and a dark green headgear. His dagger is tucked in his waistband. He wears gold and pearl ornaments. He holds a flower in hand and converses with the queen in a scenic setting. The queen is dressed in a short tight blue coloured choli and a red and yellow skirt with floral work. An open doorway in the center has an orange drape that is rolled and tied up. The palace architecture can be seen in the background. Trees and palms are visible on the horizon.

At the bottom of the painting a small garden with trees with birds perched atop them is shown. A pink rock-garden with ferns growing on it has water flowing out of it. To the right is a pond of water with ripples on its surface and lotus flowers in bloom.

The script at the top of the painting describes the work.

This is a well known early Baramaasa set. Other folios of this series are in the collection of the British Museum, London - dated 1700-1705, published in the British Museum catalogue, Rajput Paintings by Roda Ahluwalia (p. 29, fig. 12, and p. 83, fig. 46).

Folios from a Ragamala Set of the same School and period with a strikingly similar treatment are also published in Ragamala Painting by Klaus Ebeling.

Chitra Maasa

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