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Designed as a large silver paandan, with an intricate foliate pattern etched on the top and sides of the lid and body. The lid has a scene embossed, depicting a landscape of a village. The side panels feature detailed foliate patterns with birds all around.

Inscriptions on the box as below:
Inscribed in Devnagari (upper centre) - 'Ravi Bhahdur Motilal lalbhai'
Inscribed in Devnagari (lower centre) - 'Diwan Kuutch'
Dated in Devnagari (centre left) - Samvat 1943
Dated in Devnagari (centre right) - 1881
Inscribed in Devnagari (on the reverse)

Gross weight: 973.4 grams
Size: 2.5 x 7 x 5 in (6.2 x 18 x 13 cm)


The present lot features a unique confluence of themes that adorn silverware, drawing from distinctive regional styles that developed during colonial rule. The lid bears a narrative scene of contemporary life with a steam train in the background as a symbol of modernity and technological advancements, typical of silver objects from Calcutta that often present overlapping local rural scenes and landscapes. The remaining four faces are covered with depictions of birds of Kutch against a foliate background, seen widely in artefacts created by the silversmiths from Bhuj, Kutch. The birds depicted include that of the Great Indian Bustard which has been listed as a critically endangered species. Further, the design is rare and exclusive, having been commissioned by the then Diwan of Kutch, Rai Bahadur Motilal Lalbhai, manufactured in 1887 as is distinctly inscribed on the box.

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16-17 NOVEMBER 2022


Winning Bid
Rs 3,00,000

(Inclusive of Buyer's Premium)

Property of descendant of Mangaldas family.


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