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Sudhanshu Sutar


Born and raised in Kalikapur, a village on the coast of Orissa, and presently living in the cosmopolitan city of New Delhi, Sudhanshu Sutar has personally experienced the wide gulf between rural and urban life in India. As a result, the artist's body of work frequently combines an almost naïve idealism and empathy for the common man with the harsh realities of surviving metropolitan life. His works, straddling several genres, reflect the...

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3-4 SEPTEMBER 2008


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Rs 19,55,000

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Sudhanshu Sutar

Signed in Oriya and dated in English (inside the globe)
Mixed media
36 x 96 in (91.4 x 243.8 cm)

This work comprises the following:
1) 4 painted acrylic sheets with velvet borders that are meant to be put together as a circle with a diameter of 96 in, forming the base of the installation
2) A stainless steel globe with a 36 in diameter that is placed on a stainless steel ring at the center of the base
3) 8 stainless steel ladders of variable dimensions to be placed around the globe
4) 61 painted fiberglass crabs that can be placed variably on and around the globe and base

Category: Sculpture
Style: Figurative


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