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Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Hamilton
(1818 - 1892)

Report on the Pulney Mountains to accompany the series of sketches by Lieut. Col. D. Hamilton

a) Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Hamilton, Sketches of the Shevaroy Hills, Topographical Department of the War Office, 1865

Atlas portfolio with 29 lithographs on 23 plates by James Fergusson after sketch by Lieut. Col. Douglas Hamilton done at the Topographical depot at the War Office under the superintendence of Major A C Crooke and Col. Sir Henry James; half leather bound with gilt leather title ticket pasted on the front board
69.5 x 54.5 x 2 cm

1. Panoramic View of Shevaroy Hills from the garden of Dr. Marretts house at Yercand / 2. View near Perryoor on the lower Pulnis / 3a. View of the lower Pulnis / 3b. View on the lower Pulnis / 4. View of the higher Pulnis / 5a. View of the valley of Perumbookarnal / 5b. View in the Perreakolum Pass / 6. Lake at Yercand / 7a. The Pillar Rocks / 7b. Distant View of Kokul / 8a. View of Perumal Mullay and the lower Pulnis / 8b. Distant View of Kudaikarnal looking West / 9. View of Pombarry Valley / 10a. Kokul Village / 10b. Entrance to the village of Mansavanor / 11. Panoramic View of the Athoor Ghat from the Summit of the Shevaroyen / 12. Panoramic View of Yercand from the Summit of the Shevaroyen / 13. Malayaly Village & Cultivation / 14. Panoramic View of the Plateau of the Green Hills / 15. Panoramic View of Yercaund and the Green Hills taken from Fischer’s Hill / 16. View of the Great Cave at the Pillar Rocks / 17. View of Pombarry / 18. View from the high ground of the Settlement of Kudaikarnal / 19a. The Pillar Rocks / 19b. Perumal Mullay from the Encampment / 20. Distant View of the Pulni Mountains from the [AM]Manaikenoor / 21. View of the Settlement of Kudaikarnal / 22. Boundary Ridge dividing the Pulnis from Travancore / 23. The Pulnis from the Village of Pulni

The British when they came to India and ruled over the country, made an attempt to study every aspect of Indian life and custom, and at the same time made a close study of the architecture, flora, fauna, and natural beauty of the land. In this book, the beauty of the southern part of India has been portrayed in large panoramic scenes of gardens, waterfalls, lakes, green hills, caves and rocks, mountains, and pastoral village scenes. The scenes are of the Pulni Mountains, Shevaroy hill, Kodaikanal, which has been captured in its pure and pristine beauty.

They were commissioned by the Madras Army, who directed Hamilton in 1862 to make drawings of hill plateaus in Southern India "which were likely to suit as Sanitaria, or quarters for European troops”. It was this commission which gave Hamilton a marvelous opportunity to explore and hunt in these regions some of which had not been visited or described before.

b) Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Hamilton, Report on the Pulney Mountains to Accompany the Series of Sketches by Lieut. Col. D. Hamilton, Madras: United Scottish Press, 1864

46 pages, rebound half leather with original wrappers bound in, gilt text to the spine
25 x 16.5 x 1.5 cm

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