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Francis William Blagdon, William Daniell, Francis Swain Ward and James Hunter
A Brief History of Ancient and Modern India From the Earliest Periods of Antiquity to the termination of the late Mahratta War

Francis William Blagdon, William Daniell, James Hunter and Francis Swain Ward, A Brief History of Ancient and Modern India from the Earliest Periods of Antiquity to the Termination of the late Mahratta War [title to letterpress] [WITH] Picturesque Scenery in the Kingdom of Mysore from Forty Drawings Taken on the Spot by James Hunter [AND] Twenty-Four Views in Hindostan, London: Edward Orme, 1805 [but c.1828, text watermarked 1820-22, plates 1827-28]

1 hand colored stipple engraved portrait frontispiece of Tippoo Sultan, two hand colored engraved pictorial additional titles, hand colored stipple-engraved folding plate of "Judges and Court Officials", and 60 of 64 hand colored aquatint plates (lacking plates 5-8, Abbey nos.29-32); polished half calf over marbled boards, spine ornately gilt in compartments, label on upper board with gilt text and ornate borders
57.5 x 43 x 4 cm

LIST OF PLATES OF Picturesque Scenery in the Kingdom of Mysore
1. Portrait of Tippoo Sultan / 2. A View of Seringapatam / 3. A View of Hyder All's Tomb at Ditto / 4. A View of a Mosque at Ditto / 5. A View of the Music Gallery at the Entrance of the Mosque at Ditto [Facsimile] / 6. A View of the Garden Gate, Laud Baugh, at Ditto [Facsimile] / 7. A View of Hyder Ally Khan's own Family Tomb at Color [Facsimile] / 8. East View of Bangalore, with the Cypress Garden, from a Pagoda [Facsimile] / 9. North Front of Tippoo's Palace at Bangalore / 10. West Front of Tippoo's Palace at Ditto / 11. A Street leading to the Palace, at Ditto / 12. The Square, and Entrance into the Palace, at Ditto / 13. North Entrance of Ditto, at Ditto / 14. The Mysore Gate, at Ditto / 15. The North Entrance into the Fort of Ditto / 16. The Delhi Gate of Ditto / 17. The South Entrance into the Port of Ditto / 18. The Third Delhi Gate, at Ditto / 19. A Moorish Mosque, at Ditto / 20. A View of Mount St. Thomas, near Madras / 21. The Royal Artillery Encampment, at Arcot / 22. A Pagoda, at Strupermador / 23. A Mosque, at Ditto / 24. A View on the Road, at Ditto / 25. Overflowing of the Tank, at Ditto / 26. A View of Ouscottah, from an Edgah / 27. A View of Killader's Tomb, Ouscottah / 28. A Viw of the Hill Fort Kistnaghurry / 29. 4 View of Ditto from the East / 30. North-west Angle of Osar / 31. South-east Angle of Osar / 32. North View of Shole Ghurry / 33. East Vieto of Shole Ghurry, from the Camp at Arnee / 34. Ourry Durgam, the Head of the Pass into the Barrah Mauhl / 35. A View in the Barrak Mauhl / 36. A View from the Royal Artillery Encampment, at Conjeveram / 37. A View from the Royal Artillery Encampment, at Conditore / 38. A View of Ootro Droog / 39. Nabob's Choultry and Tank, at Conjeveram / 40. A House at Bankepore, the Residence of William Hunter, Esq / 41. Commillah, late the Residence of John Buller, Esq.

LIST OF PLATES OF Twenty-Four Views in Hindostan
1. The Palace of the late Nabob of Arcot / 2. A View from the King's Barracks, Fort St. George / 3. A View of Part of St. Thomé Street, Fort St. George / 4. A View in the North Street of Fort St. George / 5. A View of Fort Square, from the South Side of the Parade / 6. A View within the Walls of a Pagoda, at Madras / 7. South-east View of the Rock of Tritchinopoly / 8. A Choultry, carved out of the Rock of Tritchinopoly / 9. 4 View of Ossoore / 10. Thebet Mountains / 11. West Gate of Firos Shah's Cotillah at Delhi / 12. 4 Vakeel's Castle, Anchshur / 13. 4 Pagoda / 14. A Hindoo Place of Worship / 15. Dalmow, on the Ganges / 16. Fortress of Gwalior, taken by General Popham / 17. The Old Court-House at Calcutta / 18. The Bridge at Juonpore / 19. Mootee Thurna, a Waterfall in the Rajemahl Hills / 20. Multuru Fort, Bengal / 21. Tomb of a Moorish Lady / 22. Burial Place of a Peer Zada, Anopther / 23. Felicity Hall, near Moorshedabad / 24. Kuttull Miner, at Delli

These were originally published separately, then in parts 1802-1805 and then as one volume from 1805. His Brief History of Ancient and Modern India came out in 3 quarto volumes. It was reissued in 1813 as an appendix to Captain Thomas Williamson’s European in India, and in 1806. He was responsible for several other publications and later after coming into conflict with William Cobbett he published a prospectus of Blagdon’s Weekly Political Register which was to be in the style of Cobbett’s Register, but it never seems to have appeared. This book is probably circa 1828.

From the Collection of Robert and Maria Travis (bookplate on the front pastedown)
Lot 0024E, Bloomsburys Auctions, 'Travel Books From the Collection of Robert & Maria Travis', 2007
Acquired from the above
Important Private Collection, New Delhi

Reference: J R Abbey, Travel in Aquatint and Lithography 1770-1860, p. 425 (cf. 424)


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