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John Dunlop
Mooltan, a Series of Sketches, During and After the Siege

John Dunlop, Mooltan, a Series of Sketches, During and After the Siege: Being Twenty-One Drawings, from Sketches taken on the Spot, by John Dunlop, M.D. Assistant Surgeon H.M.'s 32nd Regiment. And lithographed in Tints, by Andrew Maclure. With a Descriptive and Historical Account of the Siege, London: Wm. S. Orr and Co., 1849

Tinted lithographed titlepage and 21 tinted lithograph plates by Andrew Maclure after Dunlop, some hand colored [?]; original clothboards, rebacked in Morocco, enclosed in original customised (with toggles) blue book box of Robert & Maria Travis
38 x 28 x 2.5 cm

1. Fort of Mooltan from the west, Sept. 6th 48 / 2. Inhabitants of Mooltan / 3. The Edgah where Mr Van Agnew & Lt Andersen were murdered / 4. Neirain Singh, Cham Singh & Ram Singh, brothers of the Dewan Moolrag / 5. Major Edwarde's Infantry / 6. Major Edwarde's Cavalry / 7. In the trenches, Gen. Courtland's men / 8. Camp followers, Milk women / 9. Camp followers, Camel Drivers / 10. In the trenches-Septr 12/48 H.M.'s 32nd Regt. / 11. Mundee Awa Dec 28/48 / 12. Storming the 'Mundee Awa' or Great Mound / 13. Breaching the Delhi Gate. European sailors of the Indian Navy / 14. Explosion of the Magazine Dec. 3 / 15. Appearance of Mooltan, quarter of an hour after the explosion / 16. The 1st Bombay Europ. Fusileers storming the breach at the Koonee Boorg/Jan. 2nd 3 p.m / 17. Struggle in the Town-Capture of 2 Sikh Standards / 18. 'Churda Choke' or Great Bazaar-after taking the City / 19. NE side of the fort, showing the British trenches Jan 6, 1849 / 20. Dewan Moolrag in custody of a part of H M's 32nd Regt / 21. NE side of fort, Funeral procession of Vans Agnew and S. Andersen

Mooltan is an ancient city in Punjab (now Multan, Pakistan), located on the banks of the river Chenab. Now the seventh-largest city in Pakistan and an important financial and cultural hub, it was once the site of the famous Sun Temple, as well as numerous Sufi shrines. It was described by the author as "the largest town in the Sikh territory after Lahore and Amritser." An important trading centre, it was besieged by Alexander the Great during the Mallian Campaign.

During the Second Anglo-Sikh War in 1848-49, Multan underwent a five-month siege that ended in the city's destruction, the fall of the Sikh empire, and the annexation of Punjab. This volume documents views of the city, important participants and pivotal moments during the Siege of Multan through 21 tinted lithographs by Andrew Maclure and descriptions drawn from Dunlop's accounts.

From the Collection of Robert and Maria Travis (book plate on the front pastedown)
Lot 64, Bloomsbury Auctions, Travel Books From the Collection of Robert and Maria Travis, 2007
Acquired from the above
Important Private Collection, New Delhi

Reference: Abbey Travel in Aquatint and Lithography 1770-1860, p. 474


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