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Lieutenant C W Crump
A Pictorial Record of the Cawnpore Massacre

a) Lieutenant C W Crump, A Pictorial Record of the Cawnpore Massacre, London: Henry Graves and Company, 8 February 1858

3 tinted lithographs by Vincent Brooks after Lieutenant C W Crump; rebound in half leather bound with gilt leather title ticket pasted on the front marbled board
54.5 x 38.2 x 1 cm

1. The Battered Barracks, in which General Sir Hugh Wheeler defended himself / 2. The Chamber of blood / 3. The Exterior of the house and well

On 6 June 1857, during the Indian Mutiny (1857-1859), rebel forces under Nana Sahib, who wished to restore the Maratha Empire, laid siege to Kanpur (Cawnpore). The garrison of British and Indians, half of whom were women and children, held out for 20 days before surrendering on the promise of safe conduct. As they embarked on the boats which were to carry them to safety, almost all the men were murdered, the remnant were later shot. The women and children were returned as captives to Kanpur, where they were later massacred on the approach of a British relief column. The sepoys who had earlier joined in the killing of British captives refused to participate in this third massacre and fired their weapons into the ceiling. The tale of the massacre, horrible as it was, gained much in the telling, and was used to justify harsh and summary punitive measures. (Source: National Army Museum, online)

b) This book comes along with a customised book with an article titled Ten months captivity after the massacre at Cawnpore, by Amelia Bennett published in the June and July 1913 issues of Nineteenth Century

1212-1234 pages; June 1913; 78-91 pages, July 1913; half leather bound with gilt leather title ticket pasted on the front marbled board
25.5 x 15.5 x 0.7 cm

Amelia Horne, also known as Amy Haines and Amelia Bennett (1839-1921), was a British memoir writer. She is known for her memoirs describing her experiences as a survivor of the Siege of Cawnpore during the Indian Rebellion of 1857, having been abducted and kept prisoner by a sowar during the Satichaura Ghat massacre, thereby avoiding the Bibighar massacre. She was the author of two memoirs describing her experiences during the Rebellion: the first published in 1858 under the name Mrs Amy Haines, and the second under the name Amelia Bennett, published in The Nineteenth Century and After 1913.

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