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Property from an Important Family Collection

This stele depicts eight major events in the life of Buddha, beginning with the birth of Prince Siddhartha and ending with the Buddha's nirvana. Each event is represented by a single scene.

1. . Birth: The figure at the bottom left is Queen Maya, who dreamt of a white elephant entering her womb, following which she discovered she was pregnant with Prince Siddhartha, the future Buddha. Queen Maya gave birth to him standing against a tree in a sala grove in Lumbini, Nepal.

2. Enlightenment: The central figure shows Prince Siddhartha, seen here wearing some of his ornaments, touching the Earth to call her to witness his enlightenment and triumph over temptation. Prince Siddhartha attained enlightenment after 49 days of meditation under a Bodhi tree in Bodhgaya.

3. Turning the Wheel of Law: The scene above Queen Maya shows the Buddha delivering his first sermon on the doctrine of the Middle Path at Deer Park, Sarnath.

4. Taming the Mad Elephant: The Buddha proves his divinity by calming a wild elephant about to trample him in Rajagriha. This event is depicted in the top left.

5. Descent from Trayastrimsa Heaven: Queen Maya passed away shortly after delivering Prince Siddhartha. Following his enlightenment, Buddha ascended to heaven to visit Queen Maya and preach to her. After seven months, he descended to the city of Sankashya. This is depicted in the top right.

6. Miracles at Sravasti: The centre-right scene shows Buddha performing miracles at Sravasti, including levitation and multiplying his form, in front of those who doubted his powers.

7. Monkey Offering Honey: In the city of Vaishali, Buddha was given alms by a monkey. The jubilant monkey then falls into a well, unable to overcome his excitement. This scene is depicted in the bottom right.

8. Parinirvana: The final nirvana, or parinirvana, signifies the Buddha???s final death. This scene is depicted above the central figure, where the Buddha reclines in a peaceful sleep, surrounded by his devotees in the city of Kushinagar.

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6-7 DECEMBER 2017


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