Suryakant Lokhande

"For me a photograph is not an instrument to record a physical phenomenon in the outer realm or to realize a certain aesthetic value, but a tool that is used to look into myself. My work consists of liberating the subjects from the properties they have in the world of reality. It means that these subjects are given at the same time new characteristics that they did not previously have in the real world. Articles that I frequently use...
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Honours and Awards
  • 2001,1998 State Art Award
  • 2000 1st Award in Western Railway All India Art Competition
  • 2000,1998 Tilak Smarak Trust Award, Pune
  • 1998 Art Society of India Award
  • 1998 Camlin Western Region Art Competition Award
  • 1998,1997 Bombay Art Society Award
  • 1998 Oak Smriti Award, Pune
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    Suryakant  Lokhande
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    Suryakant Lokhande

    It Don't matter...

    High gloss oil and rainbow glitter on canvas

    24 x 24 in

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    Rs 1,28,520
    (Inclusive of buyer's premium)

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