Shambhavi Singh

Shambhavi Singh’s works, although dream-like, depict emotions quite contrary to their appearance. Raising questions about hope and re-birth, and at the same time, recognising the fears of the unknown, Singh’s oeuvre provides an introspective journey for the viewer.

Singh's recent series of epic canvases, titled Ghatak, links the microcosmic and macrocosmic – in an effort to open viewers to the propositions that might flow from...
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Honours and Awards
  • 2001-04 Residency: Greatmore Studios, Cape Town with participation in Exhibition Holland South Africa Line (HSAL) at The Castle, Willam Fehr Collection
  • 2000 Residency: Project on Midnight Song on Twelve Pages
  • 1988-89 Research Grant Scholarship, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi
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    PAST AUCTIONS            
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    Lot 16 Details

    Charity Auction 2008 11-12 November 2008

    Shambhavi Singh


    Acrylic and charcoal on canvas

    105.5 x 59.5 in

    Winning bid
    Rs 5,29,690
    (Inclusive of buyer's premium)

    PAST StoryLTD AUCTIONS            
    Showing 1 of 1 works

    Lot 23 Details

    No Reserve Art Auction 21-22 May 2019

    Shambhavi Singh

    Rahiyan - Where...

    Oil on canvas

    59.75 x 72 in

    Winning bid
    Rs 67,452
    (Inclusive of buyer's premium)

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