Shahid Datawala

“I want to tell a clean simple story and then leave it to the viewer.”

Shahid Datawala’s monochromatic photographic compositions don’t necessarily begin or end within the frame. By shooting a part of the whole, Datawala leaves a lot to the viewer’s imagination. A perfectionist by nature, and unique in his approach to photography, Datawala does not capture a moment, but instead preconceives a shot in his head, composes the frame...
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Lot 30 Details

EDITIONS 24-Hour Auction 18-19 May 2011

Shahid Datawala

Mini (Car Series)

Archival print on paper

41 x 27 in

Winning bid
Rs 69,000
(Inclusive of buyer's premium)

Lot 68 Details

Winter Auction 2008 10-11 December 2008

Shahid Datawala

Layered Arch

Ultra chrome K3 pigments on paper

31.5 x 21 in

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