Pushpamala N. is known for incorporating popular culture into her photographic work. The artist has adopted various trendy personas, historic figures and ironic roles as vehicles for her examination of issues of gender, location and history. The comic aspect of her work carries a particularly sharp edge in her photo-based installations and projections, exposing cultural and gender stereotyping while exploring the complex terrain of...
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Honours and Awards

Pushpamala N.
  • 2006 The Rockefeller Foundation artist...
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    Lot 57 Details

    EDITIONS 24-Hour Auction 18-19 May 2011

    Pushpamala N and Clare Arni

    Returning from...

    Digital C print on metallic paper

    21.5 x 13 in

    Winning bid
    Rs 86,543
    (Inclusive of buyer's premium)

    Lot 56 Details

    Winter Auction 2008 10-11 December 2008

    Pushpamala N and Clare Arni

    Cracking the Whip

    Digital C print on metallic paper

    21.5 x 14.5 in

    Winning bid
    Rs 92,736
    (Inclusive of buyer's premium)

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