Nataraj Sharma

Born in 1958 in Mysore, Nataraj Sharma grew up in Egypt, England and Zambia. He studied Applied Art at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda, graduating in 1982.

Strongly influenced by socio-political happenings across the world and his own migrations, his art Sharma’s reflects a multiplicity of influences, not just in its content but also in its form. Sharma has dabbled with equal ease and success...
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Honours and Awards
  • 2006 Residency at Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI), Singapore
  • 1993 Sotheby’s Award for Best Emerging Artist
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    PAST AUCTIONS          
    Showing 4 of 65 works

    Lot 136 Details

    Summer Online Auction 13-14 June 2018

    Nataraj Sharma

    Air Show

    Oil on canvas

    71.8 x 119.9 in

    Winning bid
    Rs 34,02,432
    (Inclusive of buyer's premium)

    Lot 137 Details

    Summer Online Auction 13-14 June 2018

    Nataraj Sharma

    Freedom Bus (Or...


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    Winning bid
    Rs 18,00,000
    (Inclusive of buyer's premium)

    Lot 113 Details

    From Classical to Contemporary 6-7 December 2017

    Nataraj Sharma

    Deconstructing Time

    Watercolour, acrylic and oil on paper pasted on board

    20.9 x 57.5 in

    Lot 76 Details

    Evening Sale | Live Auction, New Delhi 21 September 2017

    Nataraj Sharma

    Urban Animal (Horse)

    Oil on canvas

    91.5 x 133.5 in

    Winning bid
    Rs 57,60,000
    (Inclusive of buyer's premium)

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    PAST StoryLTD AUCTIONS          
    Showing 2 of 2 works

    Lot 50 Details

    No Reserve Auction of Modern and Contemporary Art

    Nataraj Sharma

    Round About

    Oil on paper pasted on board

    21.5 x 14.5 in

    Winning bid
    Rs 42,240
    (Inclusive of buyer's premium)

    Lot 44 Details

    No-Reserve Auction of Modern & Contemporary Art

    Nataraj Sharma


    Inkjet, iron & varnish on arches paper pasted on board

    42 x 65 in

    Winning bid
    Rs 1,00,440
    (Inclusive of buyer's premium)

    Showing 4 of 11 works

    Lot 13 Details

    Ode to the Monumental. 14-18 March 2014

    Nataraj Sharma


    Oil on canvas

    72 x 288 in

    Lot 67 Details

    Sculptures Show. 25 Jan-15 Feb 2007

    Nataraj Sharma

    Nicotine (Kali Cock)

    Mixed media

    73 x 33.5 x 15.5 in

    Lot 182 Details

    Works on paper. 2-20 February 2006

    Nataraj Sharma

    Construction Workers

    Mixed media on paper

    45 x 32 in

    Lot 459 Details

    Works on paper. 20 Feb-15 Mar 2003

    Nataraj Sharma


    Oil, acrylic and charcoal on paper

    30 x 60 in

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