What sets apart Meera Devidayal from her contemporaries is her abundant use of popular symbols from everyday life and iconography in her work. She is intent on making a statement, albeit a subtle one, and prefers to leave it to the viewer's discretion and perception to interpret it. Painting to her is a means of self-exploration, questioning her own dogmas and beliefs as well as a means of bringing out the ironies in our immediate...
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Honours and Awards
  • 2007 'Miniature Format Show', Bombay Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 1998 'The Miniature Format Show', Sans Tache, Mumbai
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    Lot 104 Details

    Art Rises for India: A Covid-19 Relief Fundraiser Auction by the Indian Art Community 19-20 May 2021

    Meera Devidayal

    Glimpses of My City

    11 x 17 in

    Winning bid
    Rs 39,600
    (Inclusive of buyer's premium)

    PAST StoryLTD AUCTIONS          
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    Lot 42 Details

    No Reserve Art Auction 21-22 May 2019

    Meera Devidayal


    Oil on canvas

    84 x 25.5 in

    Winning bid
    Rs 1,25,856
    (Inclusive of buyer's premium)

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