Deepak Shinde

Energy, power, and the dynamic relationships shared between animal and man are some of the themes that animate Deepak Shinde’s work.

Shinde’s work is deeply rooted on his own experiences, through his journey of life. His paintings are a response to what he feels – an outcome of varying events. Changing circumstances are depicted through a series of images reflecting the inherent constancy of the process of change....
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Honours and Awards
  • 1987-89 Senior Artist Fellowship, Department of Culture, Government of India
  • 1972 Art Society of India, Mumbai
  • 1972 Critic’s Award , Artists’ Centre, Mumbai
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    Deepak  Shinde
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    Auction 2000 (November) 24 Nov-1 Dec 2000

    Deepak Shinde


    Acrylic on canvas

    54 x 54 in

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