Baiju Parthan

Initially, Baiju Parthan resisted a career as an artist. "In Kerala," he explains, "you are what your work is. And in Kerala's Communist schema, the artist is at the lowest rung of society." Parthan began as an engineer, but was drawn into the world of art in 1974, when he stumbled onto a book detailing the history of Western art. "With that book," he says, "the chronology and the institution of art became known to me." He became familiar with...
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Honours and Awards
  • 2001 Artist in Residency, Gallery Seven Degrees, Laguna, California
  • 2000 Nominee for Artist of the Year, Sotheby’s, London
  • 1981 Goa Lalit Kala Academy for Award for Artist of the Year, Goa
  • 1978 – 81 Lalit Kala Akademi Merit Prize
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    Baiju Parthan
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    Showing 1 of 1 works

    Lot 30 Details

    Absolute Tuesdays 15 June 2021

    Baiju Parthan


    Acrylic, transfer and carpaint on arches paper

    71.5 x 44.5 in

    Rs 5,00,000-7,00,000

    PAST AUCTIONS          
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    Lot 121 Details

    Spring Online Auction 11-12 March 2021

    Baiju Parthan

    Ethnography -...

    Acrylic on canvas

    47.75 x 35.75 in

    Lot 124 Details

    Winter Online Auction: Modern and Contemporary South Asian Art and Collectibles 9-10 December 2020

    Baiju Parthan

    Milljunction - 2 ...

    Oil, acrylic and gel on canvas

    24 x 72 in

    USD payement only Lot 100 Details

    Summer Online Auction 12-13 June 2019

    Baiju Parthan

    Mystery and...

    Acrylic and inkjet on canvas

    47.5 x 35 in

    USD payement only USD payment only. Why?

    USD payement only Lot 86 Details

    Spring Online Auction 27-28 March 2019

    Baiju Parthan

    Expedition - I...

    Acrylic on paper

    44.5 x 44 in

    Winning bid
    Rs 4,08,000
    (Inclusive of buyer's premium)

    USD payement only USD payment only. Why?

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    PAST StoryLTD AUCTIONS          
    Showing 4 of 31 works

    Lot 3 Details

    Friday Five 4 June 2021

    Baiju Parthan

    View Dimensions

    Winning bid
    Rs 97,650
    (Inclusive of buyer's premium)

    Lot 28 Details

    Absolute Tuesdays 2 February 2021

    Baiju Parthan


    Pen and ink on paper

    8.25 x 6.25 in

    Winning bid
    Rs 19,440
    (Inclusive of buyer's premium)

    Lot 45 Details

    Absolute Tuesdays 1 September 2020

    Baiju Parthan

    Passage 3 (Soft...

    Acrylic on Arches paper

    22 x 22 in

    Winning bid
    Rs 1,00,565
    (Inclusive of buyer's premium)

    Lot 46 Details

    Absolute Tuesdays 25 August 2020

    Baiju Parthan

    Self Portrait

    Ink on paper pasted on mount board

    9 x 4.75 in

    Winning bid
    Rs 17,025
    (Inclusive of buyer's premium)

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    Showing 4 of 28 works

    Lot 16 Details

    The Last Supper. 26 Mar-30 Apr 2021

    Baiju Parthan


    Acrylic on canvas

    48 x 96 in

    Lot 11 Details

    Ode to the Monumental. 14-18 March 2014

    Baiju Parthan

    Gargoyle River

    Acrylic on canvas

    48 x 288 in

    Lot 29 Details

    ARTiculate 2011 An Exhibition of Contemporary... 4 Oct-30 Nov 2011

    Baiju Parthan

    Platform No.8

    Archival print on Hahnemuhle photo rag bright white paper

    26 x 56 in

    Lot 28 Details

    Paths of progression. 21 Aug-5 Nov 2005

    Baiju Parthan

    Last Supper Qua...

    Oil on canvas

    72 x 72 in

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