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Profile of Bal Chhabda

Ebrahim Alkazi and artist Tyeb Mehta S H Raza Krishen Khanna Ram Kumar V S Gaitonde used to assemble. Husain and Gaitonde urged him to paint. Since ...the work of many young artists like Krishen Khanna M.F. Husain and Tyeb Mehta who are part of the national mainstream today. Chhabda is one

Profile of Krishen Khanna

but an incomprehensible mess." These are the words Krishen Khanna uses to describe his art. Khanna does not favour the profusion of figuration common in Indian paintings. Khanna transfers his observations onto the canvas with spontaneity and exuberance without obliterating his subject matter.

Interview of Krishen Khanna

Even when he draws out Chaplinesque dualities and outlines pathos painting for Krishen Khanna remains an experience of Annanda or complete bliss. By Surendra Kumar Seth What do you think have been the influences on you? I don’t believe that there are any major influences

Profile of Ram Kumar

Ram Kumar like many of his confreres among the first generation of post-colonial Indian artists - including such figures as F N Souza M F Husain Paritosh Sen Jehangir Sabavala Krishen Khanna S H Raza and Akbar Padamsee - combined an internationalist desire with the need to belong emphatically

Biography of Satish Gujral

‘Winter Modern’s’ Aicon New York 1960 Group Show with six other Artists M.F. Husain Mohan Samant V. S. Gaitonde Ram Kumar K.S. Kulkarni Krishen Khanna

Biography of Krishen Khanna

Restaurant Mumbai 1949 Progressive Artist Group Artists Aid Centre Joint Exhibitions 1985 Ram Kumar and Krishen Khanna Gallery 7 Mumbai

Biography of Ram Kumar

Pundole’ Joint Exhibition with M. F. Husain V. S. Gaitonde Akbar Padamsee and Krishen Khanna Pundole Art Gallery Mumbai 1988 ‘Three Indian Artists’

Interview of S H Raza

Amrita Shergill Ram Kumar Krishen Khanna and painters from Bengal or Gujarat or Madhya Pradesh who are working in the direction of 'significant form'

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