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Profile of Ganesh Pyne

Ganesh Pyne is obsessed with death. He can't forget his first brush with death in the summer of 1946 when communal riots had rocked Kolkata. His ...School of art. Ganesh Pyne lives and works out of Kolkata

Profile of Kartick Pyne

of the world and its people. Pyne who is the elder brother of renowned modernist Ganesh Pyne has held several solo shows in India and he has ... Kartick Chandra Pyne was born in 1931 in Kolkata and received his Diploma in Fine Arts from the College of Arts and Crafts in the same city.

Interview of Ganesh Pyne

"I am only whole when I am painting" eminent artist Ganesh Pyne once said borrowing a quote from dancer Nijinsky. He spoke to Mitra Banerjee from his home in Kolkatta You works seem to revolve around the theme of death. Why is it that your paintings rarely have a lighted background?

Profile of Asit Poddar

art publications including books on Rabindranath Tagore and Ganesh Pyne. The Bombay Art Society awarded him for his outstanding black and white colour

Profile of Neeraj Bakshi

with telephones at his feet. Bakshi buttresses this with a sensitive balance of line and color which gives his work the ambience of Ganesh Pyne. But his visual treatment imagery and color sense are very different. In fact he shares a similar approach to the visual image with Pyne but expresses

Interview of Maqbool Fida Husain

Kumar and Tyeb Mehta were all part of this contemporary or progressive art movement. In Kolkata there is Ganesh Pyne. What were

Biography of Ganesh Pyne

1959 Government College of Arts and Craft Kolkata Selected Solo Exhibitions 2005 Retrospective by Galerie 88 Mumbai 2000 Exhibition of Drawings on Mahabharata 1967 to 1987at National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) Mumbai 1998 ‘Ganesh Pyne A Retrospective 1952-1998’ Centre

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