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Spring Auction 2008> Artwork Details > Doctrine of the Forest: An Actor at Play (Cuckoonebulopolis) by Surendran Nair

An ardent observer and commentator on identity and sociopolitical change Surendran Nair draws his images from the abundant global archive ...“The Openness of Secrecy Soliloquy and Conversation in the Art of Surendran NairSurendran Nair forthcoming from Sakshi Gallery Mumbai 2008)

Autumn Auction 2008> Artwork Details > Forty Winks - 2 (Corollary Mythlogies) by Surendran Nair

Born and raised in the Southern Indian state of Kerala Surendran Nair’s creative process and body of work has been acutely influenced ... “Surendran Nair’s visual language evolves from the mythical and iconic representations presented through the realm of imagination. By placing archetypal

Summer Online Auction> Artwork Details > Inner Voice - Chapter - The Bad Behaviour of Singularities (Cuckoonebulopolis) by Surendran Nair

there” (Ranjit Hoskote “The Openness of Secrecy Soliloquy and Conversation in the Art of Surendran Nair” Itinerant Mythologies Sakshi Gallery Mumbai 2009 p....“Nair populates his paintings with a cast of enigmatic figures that meld the authorial viewpoint with strange unsettling sublime or tragic alterities…

Spring Auction 2008> Artwork Details > Darwaja Kholo (Cuckoonebulopolis) by Surendran Nair

Born and raised in Kerala Surendran Nair asserts that the experiences and memories of his early years in the state continue to influence his thinking and body of work. In addition to the personal Nair’s narrative paintings are shaped by the artist’s immense database of trivia covering fields

Spring Auction 2007> Artwork Details > Study for an Oil Lamp (Cuckoonebulopolis) by Surendran Nair

Surendran Nair is an ardent observer and documenter of the transformations sweeping the socio-political geography of India. As he explains over ... In this context the message of Nair`s paintings is always related through layers of metaphors and unusual references. In Nair`s ongoing suite of works titled

Summer Auction 2008> Artwork Details > Study for `Suffrage: A Fountain Sculpture on the Road to Lumbini` - Epiphany (Cuckoonebulopolis) by Surendran Nair

Surendran Nair’s epic works from the series Cuckoonebulopolis often feature a lone male protagonist contemplatively silent upon and around whom ...…[it is] a continuation of the artists’ series Cuckoonebulopolis started in 1999… Cuckoonebulopolis the city of birds among the clouds is for Nair an allegory

Spring Auction 2006> Artwork Details > Untitled by Surendran Nair

Nair we see the emergence of parallel visual lexicons that challenge memory and association…Surendran’s context is his country and its protean ...arms of the darkly benevolent former police officer Thakur. It is interesting that Nair has interpolated an icon from Indian history a sculptural

Autumn Auction 2008> Artwork Details > Pyasa (for Guru Dutt) by Surendran Nair

Surendran Nair’s complex artistic idiom involves the use of both conventional and contemporary imagery and draws inspiration from various artistic described as roguish ironic or curious but it is their air of gentle surrealism that prevails over each of Nair’s deeply thought out images.

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