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Spring Auction 2008> Artwork Details > Each One Teach One by Shibu Natesan

Although they seem straightforward and familiar on initial examination Shibu Natesan’s hyper-realistic images are anything but comfortable. Rather interpretation” (Shibu Natesan Each One Teach One Sakshi Gallery exhibition catalogue 2007 unpaginated). Born in Kerala and living between India

Winter Auction 2008> Artwork Details > Power Cut by Shibu Natesan

that's what I'm doing now" (as quoted in "Interview by Conor Macklin 16.05.05" Shibu Natesan Vision Unlimited Grosvenor Gallery exhibition catalogue 2005

Auction 2002 (December)> Artwork Details > Futility of Device - I by Shibu Natesan

" (Shibu Natesan on Futility of Device - I

Spring Auction 2007> Artwork Details > Day of Wonder by Shibu Natesan

With his formal training in printmaking Shibu Natesan`s “canvases are filled with blocks of bright colour like the glossy pages of a magazine ...popular culture lulls the viewer into a sense of the familiar the recognised and the emotionally detached” (Anne Fleetwood Shibu Natesan Vision Unlimited

Spring Auction 2008> Artwork Details > Untitled by Shibu Natesan

"Shibu Natesan’s imagery emanates out of deep respect and awareness of humanist issues. The early years in Marxist Kerala close reading of Latin American and African literature and progressive Indian and international cinema have been crucial in defining his idiom…Natesan’s work has been viewed

Spring Auction 2009> Artwork Details > Approach by Shibu Natesan

A master of photorealism Shibu Natesan’s characters and images are an exact rendition of the real flawlessly finished with his painstaking brushwork ...and rather than naturalistic appear almost dreamlike with their unusual and even startling juxtapositions. Like his smaller works on paper Natesan’s large

Autumn Auction 2008> Artwork Details > Against the Wind by Shibu Natesan

Combining personal experience and imagination Shibu Natesan's body of work strives to document the contemporary human condition exploring individual ...of perception and belief. By unsettling the world-view of his audience Natesan challenges the authenticity of received information. He explains

Autumn Auction 2008> Artwork Details > Gandhi by Shibu Natesan

Shibu Natesan’s works based on images from various media sources or photographs that the artist has taken bear a startling resemblance to the real. In the artist’s paintings however these images prompt a series of readings that contravene the intent of the source or original. “Natesan puts his

Autumn Auction 2007> Artwork Details > Ska Generation by Shibu Natesan

whilst allowing it to go beyond this that is an important aspect of my work” (Shibu Natesan Each One Teach One Sakshi Gallery exhibition catalogue 2007). This 1998 canvas is Natesan’s meditation on Ska a genre of music that originated in Jamaica in the 1950s and soon became popular in the United

Auction September 2006> Artwork Details > Existence of Instinct – I by Shibu Natesan

Part of an exhibit titled Existence of Instinct this work is characteristic of Shibu Natesan’s concerns with vulnerability the imposition of power and the unsettling moment of quietude between the predator and the victim before they engage. Natesan’s paintings “shock contrasts and encounters

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