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Auction 2002 (May)> Artwork Details > Roadside Temple by Atul Dodiya

This painting is in the naturalistic style that Atul Dodiya followed early in his career in the late 1980`s. Says Atul "In this particular painting I ...was exhibited at Atul Dodiya`s first solo show held in September 1989 at Gallery Chemould Mumbai where it was sold. Four years ago it was featured

Autumn Auction 2008> Artwork Details > Fakir with Long Nail - I by Atul Dodiya

Painted a year after his 2001 Body/Wash and Tearscape series of works the present lot carries forward Atul Dodiya’s economical innovations in figuration and illuminates his expertise as a watercolourist. Harnessing the fluidity of the medium “…Dodiya’s interpolations suggest the intimate.

Summer Auction 2008> Artwork Details > Each Father Lost-III by Atul Dodiya

hope to understand the nature of creativity” (Atul Dodiya Bombay Labyrinth/Laboratory The Japan Foundation Asia Center exhibition catalogue 2001 p. 75). Atul Dodiya is a conceptual artist of great versatility who has always experimented with genre and style in his work. Dodiya’s carefully built

Spring Auction 2008> Artwork Details > Untitled by Atul Dodiya

In his early paintings Atul Dodiya almost always framed his artistic concerns in relation to autobiographical figures and situations. Influenced ...clichéd" (rpt. in Atul Dodiya Saffronart Interview 2000). Here Dodiya complicates the relationship between art and the viewer by suggesting

Autumn Auction 2008> Artwork Details > Untitled by Atul Dodiya

Atul Dodiya’s artistic career traces its initial footings to the late 1980s when the artist showed a collection of large photorealist canvases in Mumbai at his first solo exhibition. Since then Dodiya’s practice has metamorphosed several times concurrently refreshing and complicating his immense

Spring Auction 2008> Artwork Details > Untitled by Atul Dodiya

Atul Dodiya has always been aware of the dual issues of ‘viewing’ and ‘discussing’ art. From his early canvases to his current frequently three-...and arrive at their own interpretation of it rather than blindly accepting proffered explanations. In the late 1980s Dodiya worked on a series

Spring Auction 2008> Artwork Details > Shri Jivan Chaya of Gandhi Nagar (with 17th Wife Madhuben and 18th Wife Jayashriben) by Atul Dodiya

A strong believer in change being the only constant Atul Dodiya has relentlessly experimented with technique and subject in his work to emphasize ...that populate Dodiya’s surfaces serve to reveal the multiple layers of meaning that are hidden under the umbrellas of various ‘universals’. In the present lot

Spring Auction 2008> Artwork Details > Vansha Vriksha by Atul Dodiya

of detail the irreducible enigma of the singular image" (Ranjit Hoskote Tearscape Recent Watercolours by Atul Dodiya The Fine Art Resource exhibition ...Dodiya has never been afraid of the grand themes in his paintings he has repeatedly addressed the questions of the national and the modern

Autumn Auction 2007> Artwork Details > Chikoo Drawing by Atul Dodiya

Though his current work is often three-dimensional Atul Dodiya was initially fascinated by the idea of confining the three-dimensional to the two ...the metaphorical layered pieces that Dodiya created on his return from Paris in the mid 1990s these paintings often reproduced from photographs were

Spring Auction 2007> Artwork Details > Family Tree by Atul Dodiya

Constructed with a complex layering of image and metaphor Atul Dodiya`s recent works draw heavily on the artist`s deep understanding of Indian history and culture global artistic traditions and both current affairs and events of the past. This 2005 piece is part of Dodiya`s `Singapore Suite`

Spring Auction 2009> Artwork Details > Men from Athens by Atul Dodiya

The series of mixed media paper-pulp and print works that Atul Dodiya created during his residency at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI)...with the history of India through its epic mythology Dodiya draws on the story of the tribal woman Sabari one of the many narratives of the subaltern contained

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