A Year’s Impact

A look at the effect of funds deployed from our Charity Auction held a year ago.
Last November, Subodh Gupta and Bharti Kher in association with Saffronart, Nature Morte and the Trident (Gurgaon) held a charity auction in aid of victims of severe flooding in Eastern India. The proceeds of this auction were donated to two NGOs – Samajik Shaikshanik Vikas Kendra (SSVK) and Goonj – to fund and facilitate the care and rehabilitation of those affected by the flooding of the Kosi and Mahanadi Rivers.

Showing their support, 31 leading Indian artists including Subodh Gupta, Bharti Kher, Atul Dodiya, Jitish Kallat, Shilpa Gupta and Anju Dodiya came together and generously donated paintings, sculptures, photographs and installations to be auctioned by Saffronart. Over the last year, the two NGOs, SSVK and Goonj, have successfully deployed the majority of funds raised from this auction to provide flood victims with essential facilities like food, shelter, fuel, medication and warm clothing, along with long term infrastructural facilities for child care, housing and education. Based on the deployment plans submitted by the NGOs, the funds were released in stages over the past year, with the remainder of funds raised to be deployed by March 31, 2010.

Expressing his gratitude, leading contemporary artist Subodh Gupta said, “All this would not have been possible without the generosity of the participating artists, and the support of our partners. We wanted to ensure that timely assistance was provided to the flood afflicted of Bihar and Orissa. The money we raised through this successful auction helped enable the NGOs to continue their work in Bihar and Orissa, providing support where it was most needed.”

Speaking about the relief efforts, Deepak Bharti from SSVK said, “We are touched by the sincere interest and support offered by the Indian artists and the sponsors through this auction. This crucial and timely support made it possible for us to continue our efforts to help meet the immediate needs of those affected and enable them to return back to normalcy.”

Goonj’s Founder/Director Anshu Gupta, noted, “The magnitude of the floods was enormous, with experts claiming them to be the worst in the last fifty years. The encouraging response and generosity shown by all associated with the auction has had a significant impact on the improvement of the conditions in the flood afflicted areas of Bihar and Orissa.”

Tracked in their usage, the funds raised through this auction have resulted in real benefits on the ground to the people and communities who needed the rehabilitation the most. Each rupee committed was stretched as far as possible, with all the implementation being done by volunteers within the affected communities, and administration costs minimized.

In addition to illustrating the way in which artists can use art to give back to their own communities and validating the important social role art has, this effort has also established two important precedents for philanthropy in India. First, that the infrastructure built was not just for immediate use, but also provided long-term benefits that will allow current and future generations of these communities to grow and prosper; and second, that art can play an important role in generating awareness of the need for and the implementation of philanthropy.

To learn more about the relief effort please visit the SSVK and Goonj websites.

View the auction catalogue and results.

Fund Disbursement to Flood Victims in Madhepura, Bihar

Medical Camp for Flood Victims

Child Care Center

Child Care Center

Children’s activities in a child care centre in the village of Madhepura, Bihar

Installation of Handpumps in the village of Madhepura, Bihar

Installation of Handpumps in the village of Madhepura, Bihar

Need based sorting

Need based sorting

Distribution of food packets

Medical camps at various villages

Chehak education program

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