An Appeal from the Founders

The images of everyday life which we took for granted are now emblematic of the uncertain times in which we live, as we face the most difficult challenge the world has seen over the last century. With nearly 2.5 million of the global population affected and the number rising daily, the COVID-19 global health crisis has completely altered the way in which we function as individuals and communities, but most certainly as business organisations. Here in India, as the government and healthcare system continue to battle the spread of the deadly virus, a vast section of those living on the margin, the daily wage labourers, migrant workers and the poor are facing the irreparable loss of their homes and livelihoods in this uncertain future.  The immediacy of their need, however, is simple survival through access to food, hygiene, and protective gear.

The Indian art community has rallied to help support some of these groups affected and displaced in the current circumstances. This 24-hour, no-reserve online fundraiser auction has come together because of the generous donations and contributions of several artists, gallerists, collectors, and connoisseurs in the industry. Through art, we aim to raise funds that will directly assist with COVID-19 relief efforts on the ground, and those in need. With no Buyer's Premium, the proceeds from this sale will be donated to three grassroots non-profit organisations — Goonj,  Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action (YUVA), and Stree Mukti Sanghatana (SMS), who are working directly to support India’s poor, labourers and frontline health workers in this time of need.

In today’s visually based, image-laden world, art possesses the immediate power to mobilise and galvanise people to make a difference and it has the capacity to fuel our collective empathy and remind us that we are all in this together. So why not use art to inspire people to come together and help our neighbours? So, as we do our small part to stand with those affected by the COVID-19 health crisis, we urge you to do the same. Please open your hearts and give generously to this cause. Your contribution will help India’s marginalised families survive and begin to rebuild their lives.

We thank you and look forward to your participation.

Minal and Dinesh Vazirani

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