7th May, 2001

Modern Art at the Met

Indian artists are making waves in New York, with the Saffronart Modern Indian art Exhibition curated by Pundole Gallery, Mumbai. Twelve of India`s leading contemporary artists will display their works at the metropolitan Pavilion from May 12 to 16. With close to 130 paintings, this exhibition is probably the largest international showing of museum quality modern Indian art, by artists Jogen Chowdhury, Prabhakar Kolte, V S Gaitonde, Ram Kumar, Tyed Mehta, Laxma Goud, M F Husain, Akbar Padamsee, Ganesh Pyne, Krishen Khanna, S H Raza and Laxman Shreshtha, some of whom will be present at the show.

Says Minal Vazirani of Saffronart, "This is part of our effort to increase the level of awareness about Indian contemporary art. We have a series of exhibitions planned across Asia, the US and Europe. This will be the second physical event we`ve hosted, not counting our online auctions." The show tries to represent each artist`s variations in development and style, to give an overview of their skills and techniques."

This exhibition is curated by Dadiba Pundole, of Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai. The works have been carefully selected with the aim of exhibiting the richnes and depth of Indian modern art.

"We`ve taken a mix of figurative and non figurative or abstract artists," says Dadiba Pundole. "There are about 10-12 works of each artist, covering a spectrum of dates, the earliest work is for 1952, right up to works from 2001. This is a modest attempt to capture the diversity of art in India. There is a lot more in India.

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