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    Register to bid

  • To use the mobile bidding application, you must be a registered user on
  • To bid from your mobile phone, you also need to pre-register for each auction on

    • Download & Install

  • Click here for instructions on downloading and installing the application
  • Flash Demo

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      Launch Application

  • Go to the applications or downloads folder of your mobile phone
  • Look for the icon or the application name 'Saffronart Auctions'
  • You may want to move the icon to the top level of your mobile desktop for easy access
  • Login with your Saffronart login ID and password
  • Login details and bids are transmitted securely using industry standard security technologies
  • By default, the 'My Auction' page will be loaded
  • If you have not added any lots to the 'My Auction' page, the application will load the 'All Lots' page instead, listing all lots in the auction
  • You can change the default start page setting in the 'Help & Settings' menu to other pages including My Auctions, Recent Bids, My Proxies and Lots Nearing Close
    • View Catalogue

  • On the 'All Lots' catalogue pages, lot number, artist name and estimates are listed for ready reference. During an auction the pages also display current bid and a lot countdown timer
  • Click on each lot to view details including images, full title, medium, surface and dimensions
  • To view large images you can select the 'Large Image' option in the menu
  • The 'My Auction' page lists all the lots you have bid on or added to 'My Auction'
    • Placing Bid

  • Bid indicators on each catalogue page indicate current bid status a green dot indicates you are the leading bidder, a red dot indicates you have been outbid, and a grey dot indicates that you are not bidding on a particular lot
  • When the auction closes, a green dot indicates that you have won and a red dot indicates that the lot has been won by another bidder
  • To place the next valid bid on a lot, either use the 'Place Bid' button on the 'Lot Details' page or the ' Place Bid' menu option
  • During an auction, each 'Lot Details' page also displays the current bid , the next valid bid and the nickname of the leading bidder
    • Placing Proxy

  • You can view your active proxy bids through the 'My Proxies' menu
  • To place a proxy bid on a lot, use the 'Place Proxy' menu option
  • Confirm the proxy bid
  • The 'Recent Bids' page displays the 10 most recent bids registered in the auction
  • The 'Nearing Close' page displays a list of lots closing in the next 15 minutes
  • To view the most current bidding values and countdown, use the 'Refresh' menu option
    • Search

  • For art auctions, you can search the catalogue by lot number or artist name
  • Search results are returned in the same format as the catalogue page
    • Help

  • You can use the 'Help & Settings' menu to change your nickname when an auction is in progress. We will assign you a default nickname if you do not set one while bidding e.g, Anonymous123
  • You can also check for updates to the application here. If a newer version of the application is available, this menu option will help you download and update it on your mobile phone
  • This menu also lists our contact information in case you need any bidding assistance
    • The Help and Settings Menu

  • Choose 'Log out ' in the menu to sign in as a different user
  • Choose 'Exit' menu to close application completely
  • To view further Saffronart auction you must exit the application and relaunch it
  • For any assistance call our auction helpline numbers:
    India: (91 22) 2432 2898 / 2436 4113
    USA: (212) 627 5006
    UK: 44 (0) 20 7409 7974