Two shows – one of an upcoming, talented artist and the other a veteran

A solo show of paintings of artist Manish Chavda
Viewing his work is akin to listening to music or reading a poem ' one passage lingers in the memory and reverberates there as the eye passes on to the next. Transitions and impressions are so subtle that they are hardly noticed until they are gone. The mood is of one of uninterrupted reverie. Gentle changes from soft washes to firm brush strokes, from diaphanous forms to sharply focused details preclude monotony.
Born in 1978, Manish Chavda completed his Diploma in Painting in 2002. In the same year he received the Gujarat State Lalit Kala Academy Scholarship.

This young and talented artist has found expression for the difficulties regarding the working of the cosmos in an intuitive communion with the natural world, achieved by the amazing delicacy and deftness of his brush strokes. Manish Chavda has participated in several group shows: In 2000 ' Contemporary Art Gallery, Ravishankar Raval Art Gallery, Ahmedabad; 2002 Herwitz Art Gallery, Nehru Center Art Gallery Mumbai.

Manish Chavda also has had solo shows at Jehangir Art Gallery and at Gallery Beyond a couple of years ago, and one in 2006 in Mumbai. The current solo show continues till February 10, 2007.

Jeram Patel's works on view
The images and forms in Jeram Patel's works are non-figurative and do not adhere to any particular object or landscapic norm, yet they seem to be real architectonically. The edges are as sharp as a knife and the images fluid as water. This enhances our perception while we look at these new and enchanting works of the artist that are on view at Mumbai based Ruia house.

Since he began his career in the early sixties with blowtorch on wood works, Patel has painted on canvas and ply-board as well, but perhaps it is the medium of drawing with which he identifies himself most. These recent works on paper done with waterproof ink once again testify this fact. The control he wields on his materials is exemplary in itself. He transmits images he has felt and seen on paper, with a certain ease that is also celebrated by the viewer unfolding an aesthetically absorbing resonance. The sources of this energy are apparently in his visions which may relate to the events and happenings of our times, or may also have primordial settings. Each and every drawing is engaging - it invites us to contemplate it without any urgency to decipher it.
The works by artist Jeram Patel are on view till February 03, 2007

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