Creations by artists Ravi Mandlik and S G Vasudev

Ravi Mandlik's work on view at Tao Gallery
Ravi Mandlik's works exist in this infinite space where natural and organic forms float in boundless harmony. His recent paintings are marked by subtle forms, delicate nudges of colors and textures, and play of light and shade.

He is inspired by landscapes, weathered rock forms, wind and water abrasions, forests and mountains. Elaborating on the motivation and the inspiration behind his art, he has stated: 'As I matured, I keenly observed the elements and changes in nature and observed the forms, colors and textures with the same intensity. I study the relationship between various elements and their reaction with living organisms. I try to grasp the inner vibrations present in all natural phenomena. And when I paint, I follow and trace those subtle forms of energy in my works.'

The five formless elements in nature inspire him to capture the essence i.e. energy. He mostly uses acrylic, which he says, has a transparent quality and gives dimension to a flat surface. The energy, even though formless, moves, and I try to capture that movement, he says. His transformation from a realist painter to an abstract artist took place in the late '80s.

In spite of residing in the heart of the city, Ravi Mandlik seeks every opportunity to escape into the labyrinths of the wild, where he re-fuels his creative muse. He creates an inner world where earth, sky and water are free floating elements. With this artistic vision, he taps the energy of wide open spaces.

Ravi Mandlik's recent works are on view till December 22, 2006 at Tao Art Gallery.

Recent works by S G Vasudev
An exhibition of works by S G Vasudev, just concluded at Jehangir Gallery, presented various fascinating aspects of the artist's oeuvre.

His early work, in the 1960's and 1970's, was filled with signs and symbols, influenced by his teacher K.C.S. Panicker. In the 80s the artist developed his 'Tree of Life' (Vriksha) series.

He has been quoted as saying, 'To me it symbolizes sexuality, fertility, procreation, as well as our links with our past, its myths and legends, the branches spreading out into the future." The same has been central to Vasudev's artistic vision. In his works, creation and growth, the eternal cycle of life is presented by the symbol of the tree: leaves are falling to the ground; from the ground, frequently also from the centre of a human body, the tree rises again, spreading its crown, sending his leaves back to the ground.

In his works the tree has gone through many mutations as an archetypal motive which still fascinates him. There has been a phase when the centrality of his subject matter, the tree or floating body gave way to a more free flowing composition.

A founder member of the Cholamandal Artists Village, Madras, Vasudev and other artists worked in an atmosphere conducive to art and crafts wherein the artists were free to experiment with their artistic vision. He has held one-man shows in India, Canada, Germany and U.S.A. He has participated in several group exhibitions in India and abroad. Vasudev's combining of a thin dark painted outline, with light feathery brush-strokes, is his trademark.

He works with oils on canvas, murals, copper reliefs and tapestry. Describing his artistic processes, he has stated: '"I never consciously use color. The painting dictates the particular mood or texture that I might want to convey at that moment.

Previewed works of artist S. G. Vasudev in Saffronart events

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