'Indian Images' show

A show titled 'Indian Images' presents works by various Indian artists, including Himmat Shah, Jogen Chowdhary, Paritosh Sen, Shuvaprasanna, Paresh Maity, Prabhakar Kolte and T Vaikuntam.

Jogen Chowdhury and Paritosh Sen have left an indelible mark on India's contemporary art scene. The traumatic effects of the Partition, dislocation and a sense of isolation find an echo in the former artist's works. Jogen Chowdhury's figures reflect an intractable solitude. His works are social and political comments as the artist juxtaposes contrary emotions, and makes his art not only a form of self expression but also a reflection, of a collective and subjective consciousness.

A figurative painter, Paritosh Sen uses strong lines and bold, stylized strokes. His drawings and paintings are noted for their. Although color is an important aspect of his paintings, it is the human figure, expressing a myriad of emotions that dominates his art.

A recurrent subject in Paritosh Sen's works is his depiction of scenes from everyday urban life. These activities are rendered from a cynical and detached perspective, which is typically the artist's viewpoint.

Jayasri Burman is known for her pleasing watercolors in small and large formats. Her imagery has a dream-like and lyrical quality about it. It has a unique sensitivity that is inspired by the Indian folk element. She weaves the decorative and design element of the folk idiom into the intricate patterns of her canvas. The painter establishes an intimate space like a secret garden and invites the viewer to step into her fictional world.

Another artist who is known for his proficiency in the watercolors is Paresh Maity. He has captured on canvas the sand dunes of Rajasthan, the backwaters of Kerala, the canals of Venice and the lake of Geneva.

Late B. Prabha whose works are featured in the show had a distinguished career that spread over four decades. She drew inspiration from the everyday life of the Indian women. Her figures had elongated necks, arms and torsos, figures. Her paintings covered a wide range of subjects, ranging from landscapes to social issues.

The man-woman relationship with all its attendant pain and joy is a constant source of inspiration to artist Jatin Das. He believes that every element of life has an inherent energy. This energy is evident in his paintings of men and women, captured in the throes of emotional upheaval, portraying the plethora of emotions evoked as a result of the interaction of people with society and nature. T Vaikuntam has mostly been inspired by the rural life. The rural women have been the subject matter of his works. He portrays women as sensual and voluptuous. In his work, he uses only primary colors, and employs the color palette to give the women he paints a vibrant and decorative look.

A unique blend of tradition and contemporary touch, his works reveal a gentle humor and a warm appreciation of life, a rendering of experience in artistic terms. On other hand, Prabhakar Kolte's abstract layering with paint echoes cityscapes where the signs and textures reveal his modernist consciousness. Bands of color juxtaposed against each other create bold ascensions and recessions. The show titled 'Indian Images', a group exhibition of works by above Indian artists, continues at Art Pilgrim Gallery, London, till December 1, 2006.

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