'Innate Flow'

Titled 'Innate Flow', this exhibition in Hyderabad features a comprehensive collection of some of the best emerging and the established Indian contemporary artists.

The exhibit features the watercolors on paper by T V Santosh, Sajid Bin Amar's Mixed Media on Acrylic Board, Baiju Parthan's unusual creation Pigment ink on Aluminum Composite to go with Rajeshwar Rao's Acrylic on Acrylic Sheet and Natraj Sharma's Mixed Media Etching on Paper. Watercolor on paper, a mixed media on canvas and acrylic on canvas respectively by Prokash Karmakar, Meera Devidayal and Sunil Gawde whose work also have been featured.

Among the artists on view, paintings of Prokash Karmakar, a veteran artist again from Bengal, radiate a calm, poetic exuberance and then also bring out, at other times, reflect the upheavals and turmoil of modern life. His female objects as well as his lavish landscapes are full-bodied and luscious, with an ethereal quality. The artist also 'tries to liberate' in what he sees a bird, a horse and more often in figures.

Laxma Goud's ink on paper work and K G Subramanyan's lithograph along with T Vaikuntam's mixed media on canvas and Babu Xavier's acrylic on canvas are also there on view. Laxma Goud's portraits of men and women represent the dynamic Indian ethos rather than particular individual identities. The power of his lines in black and white or in color is eloquent in its expression. Sajid Bin Amar who under him, paints and then scratches the paint away to make graffiti like pictures.

Works by several prominent artists such as Akbar Padamse (Watercolor on Paper; Charcoal on Paper and Pencil on paper), Ravikumar Kashi (Acrylic on Paper), S H Raza (Acrylic on Canvas and on Board), Adimoolam (Acrylic on Acrylic Sheet), Jogen Chowdhury (Ink on Paper), Suhas Roy (Ink on Paper), Paritosh Sen (Mixed Media on Paper), Sanat Kar (Water Color on Paper) also form part of the show.

Most of Sanat Kar's works are surrealistic and have a curious dream-like appearance, mostly nightmarish. His paintings hover on the edge of reality without ever actually reaching there, symbolizing the unsolved mysteries of life.

On other hand, Suhas Roy's preoccupation is primarily with the female face and form, and his subjects are romanticised, inhabiting the dreamlike world between sensuality and innocence whereas Akbar Padamsee, whether in his figurative works or in his abstract 'Metascapes', deeply probes the existential aspects of the 'modern personality' with all its elements of stress, alienation and solitude -on the other hand, in his treatment of the human form, and in his handling of paint, one notices elements of great sensuality.

Lalu Prasad Shaw's works, mainly executed in gouache or tempera are simple and graceful, having a very still, well-composed and smooth exterior. Known widely for his highly stylized portraits of Bengali women and couples, his works capture the expressions of his subjects perfectly with the greatest economy of line and color.

K. M. Adimoolam's canvases are purely concerned with vision; a vision that tries to reveal some untold truths from 'Nature'. It is a truth told through hues that undulate across the canvas. In his own words: 'I interpret it through colors, without focusing on any aspect. No preconceived imagery has impeded my spontaneous interplay of colors. They create the life, verve, void and texture, and inherent sense of energy. My innate optimism permeates through the colors as the joie de vivre."

The show 'Innate Flow' that represents some of the best talent and reflecting synergies in the Indian contemporary art continues at Hyderabad's Alankrith Art Gallery till November 25, 2006. View artist K. M. Adimoolam's works in the Saffronart catalogue

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