A show of sculptures

A group exhibition of Sculptures and Installations at Bombay Art Gallery features prominent artists like Himmat Shah, Anoop Panicker, V.K. Rajan, Laxma Goud, Rajesh P.S. and Sudarshan Shetty.

These are the masters and the emerging artists who have chosen sculpture as their form of expression. Sculptures are a more laborious job and require more investment in terms of the medium used, space, technical support and tools. Yet artists have felt that there are times when only sculpture was a language which filled the gap between their concept and reality. In fact, several a lot of painters are taking up sculpting as a form of expression.

Curiously, veteran artist Himmat Shah also was trained initially trained as a painter. His art explores materiality, texture and the question of presenting reality. It internalizes the built-in obsolescence of consumerist society. His gilded objects of clay, sculptures have the traces of paintings on them and the hieroglyphs of antiquity gouged on to series of heads placed side by side rhythmically like the metal plates of a xylophone. There are those self-mocking elements, crumbling and decaying.

In some of his works one can decipher his attempt to amalgamate the three - diamensional with the two - diamensional, creating, in the process, unique artworks. The works are rich in form and texture.

It's only after close inspection one realizes that his sculptors establish a world that holds together diverse elements of physical and visual references. Spontaneity and dynamism forms the core of his work.His structures are a result of meticulous thought process and its execution, with a sense of contradiction and delightful tension.

Another participating artist Rajesh P. S., also from Kerala, has studied sculpture from Kala Bhavan Vishwabharathi, Santiniketan. He has received a scholarship from Kerala Lalit Kala Academy and from Kala Bhavan. He has also participated at the annual exhibition of Kala Bhavan in 2003-04.

Saffronart had exhibited sculptures by Laxma Goud in the year 2005 in NY. A master draftsman, he displays his versatility over a range of mediums, from etching, gouache and pastels, to glass paintings. Over the years he is known to have moved from one medium to another with 'lan. Although the artist finds inspiration in life, his works border between the realm of reality and fantasy. The lyricism in his works transports the subjects into another world, where all is exaggerated, where expression triumphs over form.

Apart from Bronze, he is known for his creations in terracotta. Laxma Goud expresses mood through hybrid imagery; here the outer form is used in a more realist representation, presenting a highly contoured shape, which expresses eroticism. A primal natural force pervades his forms, which are intimately clubbed together.

Kerala based Anoop Panicker has to credit exhibitions such as 'Double Eders', a traveling group show in 2005; 'Absolute Equity' group show (sculptures) Anant Art Gallery; Delhi in 2005; 'Oriental Maze' solo show (paintings) Gallery Ashok, Amsterdam in 2004. He has done his Post-Graduate Diploma in Creative Sculpture, Faculty of Fine Arts, M. S. University of Baroda in 1990.

Sudarshan Shetty has been regularly creating artworks since 90s and mostly works on sculpture and installations. His work envisions a lyrical world full of playfulness and freedom liberated from political issues. It displays an intriguing combination of the representational and the abstract. Formally trained as a painter, he progressively became interested in sculpture and installation, and began to combine his paintings with found objects that he painted. His art-world reflects contemporary urban life.

The works of these established and young sculptors represent a m'lange of different materials and diverse concepts. The show continues till October 18, 2006.

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