The art of resonances – works by Jeram Patel

Fluid images with sharp edges mark a new and enchanting works of artist Jeram Patel. The colors such as reds, greens etc. also appear in-between or penetrate through the black masses only to heighten our perception further.

Since he started his career in the early sixties with blowtorch on wood works, and drawings in sharp and contrasting lines, he has painted on canvas, and ply-board successfully as well, but perhaps it is the medium of drawing to which he identifies himself most. These recent works on paper done with waterproof ink once again testify this fact.

His art is not of skill, yet the 'control' he has on the materials he uses for expression is exemplary in itself. He transmits the images felt and seen on paper, with a certain ease and this ease is also celebrated by the viewer unfolding an aesthetically absorbing resonance.

In his works, the lines and ink-masses give us such a sensory and tactile jolt, that one becomes aware of the reality of these images, wondrously. The images or forms in his works are non-figurative and they do not adhere to any particular object or norm. His is a unique pictorial language.

The sources of this energy are apparently in his visions which may relate to the events and happenings of our times, as well as the primordial settings. Each and every drawing invites us to ponder over and have a dialogue with it, instead of trying to decipher it on any easy terms and contexts.

If a form or image resembles with an animal, or with a vegetational growth underwater, or some findings in an archaeological excavation, etc one can not possibly cling to it only, as each image is capable of multiple refractions and not just one-thus in rejection or cancellation of the resemblances that may occur in our mind or perception, lies the true substance of his works.

The bends, the coiled movements, etc. are not metaphors or symbols; they are a state of things in themselves, to be interpreted by us, to be lived and experienced by us, to draw our own conclusions. Viewer participation is invited to the maximum. The plasticity of the images the artist has proposed once again is to be cherished and carried within us.

This time certain openings and closures-enclosures of forms draw our attention separately, only to engage us in decoding, and deconstructing these with a sense of adventure. Drawings done in large format and comparatively smaller ones do not only suggest the difference in volume and scale, they also suggest certain intent of the lines and ink-masses to be grasped subtly.

Jeram Patel seems to 'measure' his expression through the areas he chooses to put the line and color. One would notice that for him drawing is not just constructing an image or form through certain outlines, perfect, broken or disjointed, instead it is an act to move forward, halt or stop with the vision one has of one's own experience.

So we have the areas untouched in between the ground which is occupied by line and color. And significantly the main body of the drawing is able to connect or relate, with the 'separate' areas of a particular drawing: everything holds one another in equal measure, and never seems to be falling apart; or saying less or more. The totality of the expression is what matters for him and not any pre-conceived total image.

The use of colors, other than black & white, in these works, hint at a new intonation for the repertoire of Jeram Patel, and has visually enriched the oeuvre he has built for himself and for us. The size of the works on view is 30" x 40", and the medium is Chinese ink on paper.

The exhibition of works by Jeram Patel continues at Palette Art Gallery, Delhi, till October 23, 2006.

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