Sculptures by K. Laxma Goud

Sculptures by K. Laxma Goud are on view at Delhi based Galley Threshold. Done in Terracotta, Ceramic and Bronze, the creations display his mastery over various mediums.

Laxma Goud, expresses mood through hybrid imagery; here the outer form is used in a more realist representation, presenting a highly contoured shape, which expresses eroticism. A primal natural force pervades his forms, which are intimately clubbed together.

K. Laxma Goud is one of the prominent sculptors from India. Importantly, his creations cut across mediums, as the show will testify. Sensuality and humor coexist in his works. His idiom is highly original, indigenous yet capable of reaching out to a wide-ranged audience.

Apart from Bronze, he is known for his creations in terracotta. Terracotta symbolizes baked earth. Perceived as a primeval source of energy and creation, it is among the most ancient forms of artistic expression. It may be a fragile medium, but K. Laxma Goud is fascinated by it.

Laxma Goud's roots in his traditional landscape are amply reflected in his works. His stylized bucolic imagery is evident in his faces of men and women. Replete with finery, the woman (who is almost akin to a goddess) arrests the attention of the viewer. Laxma Goud's dexterous hands create variegated patterns of textures on the heads. He is among the prominent Indian contemporary artists who have experimented with ceramics.

A master draftsman, he displays his versatility over a range of mediums, from etching, gouache and pastels, to glass paintings. Over the years he is known to have moved from one medium to another with 'lan. Although the artist finds inspiration in life, his works border between the realm of reality and fantasy. The lyricism in his works transports the subjects into another world, where all is exaggerated, where expression triumphs over form.

The senior sculptor-painter has exhibited in most major cities in India over last four decades apart from participating in several International exhibitions including 'Figurative Indian Artists' Warsaw, Budapest & Belgrade-1974; Griffei Kunst, Hamburg-1975 & 1976; Tokyo Print Biennial, Japan-1976 & 2000. The artist's work has also featured at the NY show in 2002m titled 'Aspects of Modern Indian Painting' held by Pundole Art Gallery and Saffronart. Saffronart hosted another show of his works on paper and sculptures with the Guild Gallery in January 2005.

The master artist's language has retained its rustic and raw feel. His works, inspired greatly by the rural life and landscapes, resonate with strongly delineated forms and vibrant patches of color. The portraits of men and women represent the dynamic Indian ethos rather than particular individual identities. The power of his lines in black and white or in color is eloquent in its expression.

Rural folks and rural scenes form the core of his works. A recurrent theme with Laxma Goud is that of the erotic, treated as an active and powerful aspect of male and female sexuality. His protagonists ' male and female - are raw and vivacious in their appeal.

In his world, the tree spirits and those of the animal kingdom amalgamate to create a new fantasy. The artist draws heavily from mythical figures in Indian folklore with works such as his coy, sexy etching and aquatint of a woman meeting a Bird- Man or his depiction of another woman meeting a tree spirit. His human forms, highly erotic and bold, stand against the rich background creating a picture, which celebrates the richness and fecundity of life.

The solo show of Terracotta, Ceramic and Bronze Sculptures by K. Laxma Goud continues till second week of September 2006 at Galley Threshold, Delhi.

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