landscape 'Landscape', defined as a work of art that depicts scenery such as mountains, trees, rivers valleys and forests, is one of the most common and earliest genres of painting. Landscape painting has been an established tradition in the oriental cultures for centuries. The Chinese paintings dated back to the 4th century. In India too, landscapes have been an integral part of the miniature traditions. The Rajput and the Mughal schools have created some of the most alluring landscapes. Though the emphasis was never on the Landscape itself, it was an important aspect of the painting, and helped setting the mood. Most artists have painted landscapes in some form or another, in their careers. It is a pure and unadulterated form of expression. Landscapes may be historical, like M. K. Parandekar's view of the "Taj Mahal"; may be personal anecdotes like P.G. Sirur's "Juhu Beach", giving a personalised view of the scene, or even spiritual. Nandalal Bose's sketch - "Mountain" reflects the concept of a 'Landscape' where the artist encounters nature, and has a dialogue with God, about transcendental issues. The sheer proportions and the perspective lend an air of enormity to the work, though the dimensions themselves are not large. It is the understanding of nature, the portrayal of the dwarfing of man in comparison, that lends to the mystique of Landscape. Each artist's language is different; some of them like Abanindranth Tagore's "Tree" and Benode Behari Mukherjee's "Landscape", move the viewer with the force and vitality of the subject. While Dhiren Saha, a more contemporary artist, has captured tranquility and stillness in "Honey Moon". Cezanne, the Father of Modern Art, saw Landscape as a means of structural investigation, relating to the phenomenon of where the artist is aware that he was working on a two - dimensional surface and is creating a world devoid of illusion, in that space. P. R. Satheesh's "Untitled" belongs to this school of thought; he recreates a world in simplified form and color. Ironically, Landscape is often misunderstood as being of simple subject, without much content. In fact, the wonder of Landscape lies in the fact that the artist is able to surrender to his subject and recreate the world in this form.

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