"Drawing - An Act of Art"

A show titled 'Drawing An Act of Art II' is an attempt to showcase the depth and delicacy of the Act of Drawing, which forms the basis of any form of art expression. Many senior and upcoming artists who have specially created works for this show.

24 Senior and young masters, veteran artists and the masters of line drawing, are showcasing their works in the group show, including Akbar Padamsee, Jogen Choudhary, K.G Subramanyam, T.V Santhost, T.M Aziz at Priyasri Art Gallery. Drawings done by old masters like Aabanindranath Tagore and Chittoprasad also form part of the show apart from works by Thota Vaikuntam, Paritosh Sen, Suhas Roy, Nikhileswar Baruah, Jogen Chowdhury.

Elaborating on the theme, an introductory note mentions: 'Drawing is an important and powerful language of expression. There is a certain kind of physical intimacy and bodily vibrations that become vital part of the image, which are drawn with the human hand. Drawings are the basis and roots of every work of art in-fact it acts like a mirror to study the works and personality of an artist more intimately.

An art form that is seemingly devoid of any pretence or ostentation-drawings provide an artist a starting point, a reference, forming the basis of a probable masterpiece and at times a masterpiece in its own rights. Artists like Jogen Chowdhury, K.G Subramanyam, Akbar Padmasee, Laxma Goud highly endorse this medium and use this language in their art and expression.' As Jogen Chowdhury, one of the participating artists, mentions to underline the importance of drawing: 'Drawing is an art form that exists independently and is not a subsidiary to painting or sculpture. In these liberal times of multimedia, one can say this with greater surety and known that a surface doesn't have to be elaborate or colored to be called a work of art. It has a life of its own.'

The arrangement for a drawing is not as elaborate as a painting, but the idea is to express a thought or an idea. Drawing may have a more singular concentrated element in it while the other a more developed one. Suhas Roy quips: 'Without drawing how can one express oneself and how will the feeling come out? Line is one of the fundamental elements in the creative process. Drawing provides structure even in an abstract work. The importance of line has been seen from the beginnings of art.

Knowledge of drawing brings out the sensibilities of the artist. Drawing brings out an artist's experience.' The show is an attempt to bring out the power of drawing as a human act of art, comprises drawings of artists who have used this language to express there conceptual energy completely. As one of the participating artists Rini Dhumal notes: 'Drawing itself is a form of art. It is very vital to the evolution of an artist's work and solid conception. For me this medium is very important as the main focus in my paintings is on lines, forms and textures. It is the underlying grammar of a work whether you are making a painting or a sculpture.'

According to Paritosh Sen, whose drawings are also on view, the role of drawing, as a medium is very important in his creative process. 'What I draw in charcoal is different from pencil and what is drawn in ink is different from both. The style of rendition changes so does the form at times. Sketching reveals a lot about an artist's work process. What I am looking for in my painting I arrive at by sketching it first,' he states.

For Nikhileswar Baruah, drawing and sketching is like jotting notes in a diary before 'I forget an image or idea. But usually I plan the visual in my mind and do not do make extensive sketches first.' Though in his current linguistic practice, in terms of drawing as 'preparatory sketches' TV Santosh employs a non-traditional medium but conceptually it is the same conventional practice.

According to Thota Vaikuntam, 'in my paintings lines are of vital importance. There is color but it is the drawing which gives movement and shape to the final work.' Amit Ambalal reveals: 'Before starting a painting I do many drawings and watercolors. They are more spontaneous and free and highly personal. They bring out the unexpected from within.' 'Drawing An Act Of Art II', a show at Priyasri Art Gallery, an attempt to expose and showcase this important and intimate act of art, continues till May 30, 2006.

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