Solo shows of three artists with contrasting styles and varying subject matter

Vijay Shinde's 'Awakening'
Vijay Shinde's works titled 'Awakening' at Tao Art Gallery reflects his artistic philosophy, which to put it in his words is: 'The quest for eternal truth has always been the singular force behind my works. I look to discover the ultimate, the divine force that drives us. It is invisible yet omnipresent in our lives.' The artist tries to give expression to it through his work.

His new series of work emphasizes the need to be active and aware. If there is no awakening and urge to change bitter things, hopelessness would result, is the underlying message. The artist gives a message that there has to be a belief that things can change, and that one should not be indifferent about oneself and life around. His new series tries to rekindle this spirit of awakening.

He says: ''I enjoy the process of creativity and leave everything else to the discretion of the viewer. The work has to be spontaneous. Your level of intensity will be felt by viewers." The forces ' repelling and attracting ' between the heaven and the earth, the cosmic energies, the spirituality forms the core of his work. He makes an attempt to convey these ideas to viewers through his work.

Summing up his new series that continues at Tao gallery till third week of January 2006, he says: 'I as an artist believe in goodness, humanity and human values. When these values deteriorate, I feel pained. The pain also reflects in my work, but ultimately, I always feel there is always hope."

Vijay Shinde's Saffronart catalogue

Mithu Sen 'Drawing Room'
Mithu Sen works in a wide variety of media, from painting and drawing, sculpture, collage and installation, usually combining one or more together. In a similar fashion, she combines imagery from a wide variety of sources, cultures and economic levels.

After completing her Bachelors and Masters in painting from Santiniketan, Mithu Sen did her post graduation (visiting) from Glasgow School of Art under the Charles Wallace India Trust scholarship. She so far has had three solo shows in Delhi (2000), Glasgow (2001) and Mumbai (2003) and has participated in several curated group shows in India and abroad in the last decade. She has received prestigious awards including UNESCO Aschberg (2005-2006) along with junior fellowship and the AIFACS award in India.

For her new exhibition, she has concentrated on paper in a diversity of scales, punctuated by a few small sculptures. The works juggle kitsch with high art, the sexual with the sacred, the hand-made with the store-bought. 'Drawing Room' presents her works as an intimate interior, inviting the viewer to linger and read her works, as if florid novellas. Her new works are on view at British Council, New Delhi till January 31, 2006.

Bharti Prajapati's new oils on canvas depict 'Mother Earth'
Mother Earth", a collection of oils on canvas, by Bharti Prajapati, just showcased at Cymroza Art Gallery, has some enchanting works in her distinctive style.

The artist, after studying at the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad stayed in Kutch for a design project. The people there and their vibrant lifestyle; the contrasts of the dry arid landscape with the vivid hues of the textiles instilled in her an urge to paint. She has rendered the desert in all its glory ' with the sun and its open landscape dominating the people, houses and cattle.

Another of her collection, 'Krishna the Blue God', also featured at Cymoroza a year ago, is distinctive for its sensitive use of color and texture. About the latest theme of her show, she elaborates: 'Our earth is truly represented as a women forever giving and caring. She is in the fertile earth, the fruitful plant, the life nourishing river, no image can contain her, yet we are in constant touch with her and depend on her for our very own entity.'

Having been trained as a textile designer helps her enhance the detailing of her canvases simultaneously composing the larger picture. A contrast of detail and flat expanses creates a harmonious blend. Indeed, her canvases revel in bright colors and stark expanses of space with the sparse landscape and the open skies in a perfect balance in her compositions.

Bharti Prajapati's Saffronart catalogue

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