Art and Functionality

'The Osmosis' shows on art and functionality 1. 'State of the Art' - A show of computer-aided canvasses, where artists were invited to work on computers and the images were transferred onto canvasses. Participating artists were M F Husain, Akbar Padamsee, Manu Parekh and others 2. 'Circling the Square' A show of functional art, where artists designed objects of daily use, like chairs and tables, in different materials, with the assistance of a technical team provided to them. The furniture, that initially set out to fulfil the basics of elegance and function intrinsic to traditions of these everyday products, gave in to the urges of free and open-minded creativity. Participating artists were Akbar Padamsee, Laxman Sreshtha, Prabhakar Barwe, Navjot Altaf and others. 3. 'Essays in Time'- This was a show of functional art, where young artists designed timepieces. The artists depicted through their imaginative work, how time stretches and condenses endlessly. Time is not uniform, and this has more to do with the state of our mind than any outside force.

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