Exhibition round-up

Dinanath Dalal Retrospective
Late Dinanath Dalal was a popular Goan artist whose paintings appeared in various textbooks and magazines. He based his work on a wide range of subjects - mythology, history, social issues and politics for his paintings. The artist often used calligraphy to illustrate book and magazine cover designs. Devoted to his art, this humble and simple artist did not like to be in the spotlight

An exhibition of his works done from earlier days till he rose to prominence was held in Thane, the township just on the outskirts of central Mumbai suburbs. The select paintings on view gave an ample display of the artist's oeuvre. These included paintings, cartoons and landscapes.

Around 350 frames, including paintings, sketches and cartoons were on display at the exhibition in oil pastels and pencil. Some of Dalal's work spanning over 20-25 years was on exhibit. This included the covers of the Deepavali, an annual magazine, which was published by Dalal himself. The exhibition was inaugurated on May 13. Renowned artist Vasudev Kamat was the chief guest for the function.

Here on the other side of the city, in downtown Mumbai, Rajib Chowdhury's canvases were a precursor to the wet season. His paintings are based on the magic of the monsoon. Enter Jehangir Art Gallery and dive into the realm of the senses. Chowdhury's canvases are rooted in a joyful celebration of the monsoon. A pop sensibility makes these paintings accessible and funky.

Maharashtra's Warli artist visits Chennai
Shantaram Tumbada, a prominent Warli artist, was in Chennai to showcase the tribal form of art. His mud-colored canvases drew several visitors throughout his stay there. The endless triangular, stick-like figures were a center of attraction. The figures, dancing, praying at temples, and celebrating happy occasions, are dexterously done, and present an eye-catching symmetry, with intricate detailing.

Previously, the murals were done on red mud or cow dung layered walls and the figures were painted with a rice-flour mix, which could be washed off and re-painted every season. Nowadays, the artists mix glue into the mud base and use acrylic paints to make their work endure.

The artist's more famous works include a huge mural on a wall of the Tony Garnier museum in Leon, France. The mural, capturing village life and a whirl of activity, took him about three months, done with a bit of help of local schoolchildren who filled in some of the white, to complete it. Before he was chosen to do the mural, he had sent a copy of the work done on cloth, to France.

'Book of a River-Way'
The Hungarian Cultural Centre, Delhi is hosting an exhibition of paintings by Robert Swierkiewicz titled 'Book of a River-Way'. The artist's work is a synthesis of different eras and chapters in his life and art; the synthesis of life-poetry-wisdom-color, as they merge and reemerge. It's a visual representation of the artist's consciousness, in different time and places.

His travels to India left a deep impression on his artistic psyche. As a result, his recent pieces evoke Hinduism's ephemeral and sublime forms, philosophical and literary ideals. He also has been writing on Buddha's teachings from 1993 to 2004 and also painted, inspired by the environment around him.

The exhibition of Robert Swierkiewicz presents an opportunity for the art lovers in India to witness the visualization of his impressions from his recent visit to south India. These images are also inspired by Buddhism, which influences his devices as well.

'Array of Colors'
Srishti Art Gallery, Chennai recently hosted an exhibition of paintings by Kanwalinder Hundal titled `Array of Colors'. Using oil colors and canvas as her medium of expression, she had on display over 60 pieces, including painted jars and plates. The exhibit also comprised paintings that depicted landscapes, village scenes and birds. Although her themes are simple, the paintings exude positive energy and happiness.

Flowers seem to inspire her the most. The artist loves to paint flowers in all hues, sizes and shapes. A self-taught artist, she does not work on abstracts. She prefers simple themes, and most of her paintings are on Nature and landscapes. She often draws inspiration from the photographs that she takes, while traveling to various scenic spots. Using an appropriate blend of colors, she has mixed clay and oil colors in some of her paintings for that three dimensional effect. She has also tried to move from oil colors to stained glass painting. The large jars and pottery in earth colors and painted plates added a new dimension to the display.

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