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  Profile of Gayatri Gamuz

Gayatri Gamuz was born in 1966 in Rojales Spain. She studied in the Art School in Alicante and in the School of Ceramics in Manises Valencia. She ... in Mumbai. At present Gayatri lives in Thiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu

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The erotic is downplayed in favor of the sturdy Gayatri Sinha states that in her paintings "There is no hint of an expressive sexuality woman and nature

  Profile of Gigi Scaria

says critic and curator Gayatri Sinha. Scaria’s solo shows include ‘Absence of an Architect’ at Palette Art Gallery New Delhi in 2007 ‘Where

  Profile of Anjolie Ela Menon

and overpainted the print-outs with acrylics and oils. More recently she embarked on a collaboration with Gayatri Rula to produce sculptures

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of a series of shows that showcases artists from different backgrounds with varied styles. This year, the works of Gayatri Gamuz, Alok Bal, Sharmi Chowdhury ... Artist Gayatri Gamuz is based in Thiruvanmalai. Her work projects possibilities in a future where there are no trees. She speculates the relationship

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(Gayatri Sinha); The Madras school ' modes of abstraction (A.S. Raman); The history of printmaking in India (Shivaji Panikkar and ,Jyoti Bhatt); Modern ...with such a book.' Reminiscing on the developments in arts coverage as far as mainstream media is concerned, writer Gayatri Sinha noted to say:

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and subtle, her work has evolved in phases. Tracking her representation of figures, art critic Gayatri Sinha notes: 'Anupam Sud has moved through some

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the idea of both release and containment. An accompanying note by Gayatri Sinha mentions: "The idea of the room/cell has had multiple variants in art

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Debraj Goswami, Dilip Chobisa, Gayatri Gamuz, Kim Kyoungae, Malavika Rajnarayan, Nikhileswar Baruah, Pooja Iranna, Pradeep, Mishra M Pravat, Sharmi

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and Evocations: Contemporary Women Artists of India - Gayatri Sinha, Marg Publications, Mumbai Image and Imagination - Five Contemporary Indian

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