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Antiquarian Books Auction 15-16 January 2020

The Indian Charivari   by   Anonymous

Winning bid
Rs 52,800
(Inclusive of buyer's premium)

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Antiquarian Books Auction 15-16 January 2020

Illustrated London News: January to June 1876   by   Anonymous

Winning bid
Rs 40,320
(Inclusive of buyer's premium)

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  Interview of Shubha De

uncomfortable with the fact that whatever we talk about - sensibilities and sensitivities -- ultimately we are painting for patrons who are anonymous I ...own painting to sell it to anonymous buyers and draw a line there but also in other fields where my activist self could also join in. Q. Why do you

  Profile of Querozito de Sousa

this happens also when the heads are portrayed they are masked off by a web of lines and remain completely anonymous. The use of erotic symbolism is both

  Biography of Jehangir Jani

Anonymous’ British Council and Lakeeren Mumbai 2000 ‘Group Show’ Fine Art Company Mumbai 1999 ‘Wallpaper’ Lakeeren Mumbai. 1999 ‘Creative

  Profile of Tushar Waghela

an indeterminate and anonymous destination to conquer every story touches it goal but ends up with a question mark for you to think over

  Profile of Sudhir Patwardhan

dramatis personae. His narrative has certain sameness of the anonymous individual possibly a lumpenised migrant directly confronted by the challenges ...normalcy - anonymous and vague under a muted pollution purplish-pink hue another of a threatening stir poisoned by factory affluents and from afar

  Biography of Monali Meher

Sanat Gallery Istanbul. 2008 Presented by Lumen Travo Gallery at ‘Art Rotterdam’ Cruise Terminal Rotterdam. 2007 ‘Anonymous Body’ Menier Gallery ...of Performances Outline Gallery Amsterdam Funded by Amsterdam Fonds & Prins Bernard. 2001 ‘Anonymous Space’ Rijksakademie Amsterdam. 2000 Interactive

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  Summer Auction 2008> Artwork Details > Riverbed by Justin Ponmany

broadcast to anonymous auditors and viewers through an email list a blog or a billboard” (Ibid

  Summer Online Auction> Artwork Details > How far is it? by Anju Dodiya

interior? And how do we reach the anonymous Japanese woman imprisoned in a curtain that is trying desperately to be a continent? Or is it a continent

  News & Articles - Article - SaffronArt

rendered tonalities of the 'anonymous figures' that I used as the protagonists, are the most significant ingredients of my work.' Conceptually, the 'Anonymous figure' is a 'unique signifier', which generates multiple meanings. He terms his art as symbolic, wherein the 'real' and 'imaginary' come

  News & Articles - Article - SaffronArt

of the Paris Suite unveiled to mark the maestro's 88th birthday. A London-based NRI, who chose to remain anonymous, reportedly went for it. The price ...was a Japanese who wished to remain anonymous. Apart from the Saffronart summer online auction (May 4-6, 2004), the recent sale of contemporary Indian art

  News & Articles - Article - SaffronArt

the artist’s body is always an anonymous presence moving into a deep phase of meditation, immersing in contemplative scenarios, breaking through the world’s

  News & Articles - Article - SaffronArt

literal and poetic in a delicate manner, which attain grandeur. His narrative has certain sameness, of the anonymous individual, possibly a wary

  News & Articles - Article - SaffronArt

Delhi (2000), also garnered much critical acclaim. The artist extracts images of anonymous people from a variety of social milieus and political

  News & Articles - Article - SaffronArt

solitary man in an Irani restaurant are his dramatis personae. His narrative has certain sameness, of the anonymous individual, possibly a migrant,

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