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Auction 2000 (November) 24 Nov-1 Dec 2000

F N Souza


Oil on canvas

35.75 x 30 in

Winning bid
Rs 1,97,925
(Inclusive of buyer's premium)

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  Profile of Rameshwar Singh

Rameshwar Singh was born in Rajasthan and received his M.A. in drawing and painting from Udaipur University in 1982. About his work fellow painter F. N. Souza has commented "His paintings are very compact there's a lot in them figures forms and mythological content. Very colourful too. The forms

  Biography of Francis Newton Souza

New York 2005/6 'F. N. Souza Religion and Erotica' Tate Britain London 2005/6 'Self-Portrait Renaissance to Contemporary' National Portrait ...London 2005 'A Tribute to F. N. Souza' Kumar Gallery New Delhi 2005 'Manifestations III' Nehru Centre Mumbai Rabindra Bhavan New Delhi and Delhi

  Profile of K. H. Ara

of naturalism unlike colleagues like F N Souza. His work was rooted in the delight of ingenuity focusing on the female nude still life and human figure studies.

  Profile of Nataraj Sharma

There was once a time when Indian art was all about rivers and Gods and mountains. But the progressive art movement started by F N Souza and with radical

  Profile of Ram Kumar

Ram Kumar like many of his confreres among the first generation of post-colonial Indian artists - including such figures as F N Souza M F Husain Paritosh Sen Jehangir Sabavala Krishen Khanna S H Raza and Akbar Padamsee - combined an internationalist desire with the need to belong emphatically

  Interview of Maqbool Fida Husain

wiped out the Western influence. There was a revival of traditional Indian art elements. Painters like F. N. Souza Ara S. H. Raza V. S. Gaitonde Ram

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  F.N. Souza Exhibition> Artwork Details > Bending Nude by Francis Newton Souza

“A much more complicated area is Souza’s erotica….[some] are sensuous and affectionate others tinged with doubt or suggesting what Auden called ‘good-natured habit’ others yet again implying simple lust and post-orgasmic disgust expressed through savage caricature” – George Melly F. N.

  About Us - Saffronart in the News - Article - SaffronArt

are F N Souza's Titian's Grandfather, estimated at Rs 1-1.3 crore, S H Raza's Maha Bindu with an estimate of Rs 1.5-2.2 crore and Tyeb Mehta's Falling ...of the highest priced works are S H Raza's Maha Bindu and Tyeb Mehta's Falling Figure. "There is a range of paintings with names like S H Raza, F N

  About Us - Saffronart in the News - Article - SaffronArt

on Indian plains. The site is called and available are the works of M F Husain, Jamini Roy, S H Raza, F N Souza, among others. The site

  About Us - Saffronart in the News - Article - SaffronArt

and Tagore to the progressives like K H Ara, F N Souza and M F Husian. It also includes contemporary artists like Arpana Caur, Rekha Rodwittiya

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pics4/Pl_souza_05_thumb.gif" alt="Click here to view painting details" border=0 > Untitled F. N. Souza's works over the years have reflected ...Drawings have been an integral part of F. N. Souza's oeuvre; he continued to draw through the years. Here Saffronart has put together a collection

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Padamsee, F N Souza, Subodh Gupta (for a work on canvas), Bharti Kher, Rabindranath Tagore, Jitish Kallat and others. "Indian art," said Zara Porter-...Art Foundation for auction, as part of its sale of South Asian modern and contemporary art where the stars of the show are old favourites F N Souza

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AND FEATURES Early Drawings of F. N. Souza and K. Laxma Goud A suit of early drawings of F. N. Souza and the artist's style, brought out in the show at Guild. View Laxma Goud's works View F N Souza's works

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