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Auction 2000 (November) 24 Nov-1 Dec 2000

S H Raza


Oil on canvas

13 x 13 in

Winning bid
Rs 86,450
(Inclusive of buyer's premium)

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  Biography of S H Raza

Legend S H Raza’ a Traveling Exhibition at Hong Kong Singapore Dubai Mumbai New Delhi organized by Aryan Art Gallery New Delhi 2006 ‘Rang Ras – S....Between Continuity and Transformation’ Province of Milan Milan Italy 2005 Arts India New York 2004 Aryan Art Gallery Delhi 2004 ‘S. H. Raza

  Profile of S H Raza

"The Bindu symbolizes the seed bearing the potential of all life" Sayed Haider Raza calls his work a "result of two parallel enquiries....- the "Bindu" (the dot or the epicentre). Raza's work has formalism for which he trained in France as well as the mystic aspects of Hindu philosophy.

  Interview of S H Raza

Taking a brief break from his painting and the constant stream of visitors that come to see him in his Gorbio studio Sayed Haider Raza spent ...painter in the 1930's and 40's. Alas she died very young in India. We were very unhappy but she inspired us to inquire and find out - What is art? What

  Profile of Manish Pushkale

Manish Pushkale was born in Bhopal in 1973. A trained geologist Manish also studied art at the art college in Bhopal. He is also a recipient of the S. H. Raza foundation award. Pushkale has had solo exhibitions in Bhopal 1994 Delhi 1997 Pundole Art Gallery Mumbai 2003 and Paris 2003.

  Profile of Sujata Bajaj

She held her first show at the Bal Gandharva Art Gallery Pune in 1978. At one of her exhibitions somewhere in mid 1980s Sujata met painter S H Raza ...went to in Paris at Raza's insistence. She was awarded an invitation scholarship by the French Government. In Paris she enrolled at the Ecole

  Profile of Hari Ambadas Gade

where he took a Diploma in Art in 1949 and later a Masters Degree (1950). It was around this time that Gade came in touch with artist S H Raza whose watercolors echoed the style of his mentor Walter Langhammer then the art critic at 'The Times of India'. Raza gave him a lot of advice on painting

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  S.H. Raza, A Retrospective, 2007> Artwork Details > Prakriti by S H Raza

in the mind and imagination as well as in reality and therefore must be recognised. Raza believes that nature moves itself rather than being moved by the beholder." (Friedhelm Mennekes "Soft Polarity" in S. H. Raza – Paintings from 1966 to 2003 The Fine Art Resource Berlin exhibition catalogue 2003

  S.H. Raza, A Retrospective, 2007> Artwork Details > Village by S H Raza

A Life in Art S. H. Raza Art Alive Gallery New Delhi 2007 p. 73...Speaking of Raza`s thick impasto landscapes of the mid 1950`s Jacques Lassaigne then director of the Museum of Modern Art in Paris says "…in his

  S.H. Raza, A Retrospective, 2007> Artwork Details > Kundalini by S H Raza

in Art S. H. Raza Art Alive Gallery New Delhi 2007 p. 132). Here this union takes the form of kundalini or two intertwined snakes symbolic that something linked to the origin of life bubbles up in Raza`s work. At first glance these geometric compositions may appear to move away from the complexity

  S.H. Raza, A Retrospective, 2007> Artwork Details > Trishna by S H Raza

the mood of places and of people" (as quoted in Geeti Sen "The Seed and the Fruit Metaphors in Raza`s Painting" S. H. Raza Saffronart and Berkeley Square ...that this school of artistic thought had on his work. Trishna meaning `thirst` or `desire` reflects Raza`s ceaseless quest to develop his painterly

  S.H. Raza, A Retrospective, 2007> Artwork Details > Bija by S H Raza

and the square" (S. H. Raza in Geeti Sen Bindu Space and Time in Raza`s Vision Media Transasia Ltd New Delhi 1997 p. 126). However instead ...In the mid-1980`s Raza`s fluid gestural application of paint gave way to a more hard-edged approach to abstract forms and spaces. "In terms

  S.H. Raza, A Retrospective, 2007> Artwork Details > Prakriti by S H Raza

Recent Works by S H Raza Art Musings exhibition catalogue 2004 unpaginated). In this piece Raza meditates on nature its five basic elements ...Non-representative art particularly in India is often understood as a means of repudiating worldly pleasure and pain. However "Raza`s practice

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  About Us - Saffronart in the News - Article - SaffronArt

of the highest priced works are S H Raza's Maha Bindu and Tyeb Mehta's Falling Figure. "There is a range of paintings with names like S H Raza, F N ...are F N Souza's Titian's Grandfather, estimated at Rs 1-1.3 crore, S H Raza's Maha Bindu with an estimate of Rs 1.5-2.2 crore and Tyeb Mehta's Falling

  About Us - Saffronart in the News - Article - SaffronArt

on Indian plains. The site is called and available are the works of M F Husain, Jamini Roy, S H Raza, F N Souza, among others. The site

  News & Articles - Article - SaffronArt

AND FEATURES S. H. Raza's new series "Rang Raas" An exhibition, titled 'Rang Raas', showcases the works by veteran painter S. H. Raza. It's perhaps an anti-dote to the celebrated painter's earlier exhibition 'Moun', which featured works in blacks, whites

  News & Articles - Article - SaffronArt

AND FEATURES 'Criss-Crossings' by S. H Raza and Manish Pushkale 'Criss-Crossings' show at The Guild Art ...with S. H. Raza, 83, who is arriving at simplicity after almost six decades of work. Their artistic practices share inspiration from homegrown

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from May 12 to 16, by Saffronart and Pundole Art gallery. Some of our biggest names will be on display - M F Husain, S H Raza, Laxman Shreshtha

  About Us - Saffronart in the News - Article - SaffronArt

the auction featured the work of globally-sought painters, sculptors and installation artists, including S H Raza, Subodh Gupta, Jagdish Swaminathan ... The highest price achieved by artist at auction: S H Razas Germination, selling for Rs 4.2 crore; Rashid Rana’s Red Carpet-2, selling for Rs two crore; J

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