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Gujarat, 1918
Engraved 'G.M.B/FEBRUARY 23RD/1918' and signed 'OM' (on the base)
4.25 in (10.6 cm) high
Gross weight: 217 grams

An early twentieth century silver tankard with a leaf-capped scroll handle and a dense foliage pattern across the body.

Oomersi Mawji was the son of a cobbler and rose to become court silversmith to the Maharaos of Kutch, and the Maharajas of Baroda, two of the most important royal courts in princely India. The firm of Oomersi Mawji & Sons ceased operations in the 1930s. O.M. silver, as it has come to be known among collectors, has an endearing value as much for its artistry as for the history of Indian craftsmanship associated with its manufacture. Objects manufactured by the workshops of Oomersi Mawji can be seen at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Musee Guimet in Paris and Harvard University's Arthur M. Sackler Museum, and at most major museums all over the world.

Artisans in the Bhuj region of Kutch enjoyed patronage from a lineage of rulers, including the Gaekwads and the Maharaos. The Maharao of Kutch, Khengarji III, played a particularly significant role in helping Kutch silversmithsgain international recognition by ensuring that they regularly attended regional and international silver exhibitions to display and popularise their creations.

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