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8th Century

Pallava Period
Andhra Pradesh

Height: 19.5 in (49.5 cm)

This granite sculpture of Ganesha is a very unusual piece. Vinayaka is shown seated with a prabha behind him. Although it is a four-armed traditional form of the deity, there are certain outstanding features. Ganesha's eyes are protruding, which gives the deity a powerful look. The shoulders are broad and well rounded. His ears are small, yet prominent. The head is broad and so is his trunk. His vahana, the rat, can faintly be seen beneath his right foot.

He is shown holding his attributes in his upper two hands, a ball of sweets is in his lower left hand, and his broken tusk in his lower right hand. His crown is small in size and a part of his forehead bulges out of the crown. The Yajnopavita or caste thread is very prominent and runs from the left shoulder to the right waist, almost seeming like a belt. A band is also seen above his rotund belly. Other ornamentation is minimal. The sculpture originates from Andhra Pradesh and is an unusual specimen due to its age, stylization and region of origin.

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