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Greenish Schist
11th Century

Hoysala Dynasty

Height: 41.5 in (106 cm)

Parsavanatha is the twenty-third Jaina Tirthankara, born in Varanasi. Tirthankaras are spiritual conquerors; they were guides or ford-makers. This sculpture is a powerful example, depicting Parsavanatha standing in the Kayotasarga posture. He is bereft of clothes, and stands on the coiled tail of the serpent. His dark-hued body along with the sinuous multi-hooded serpent, his symbol offering protection over his head, gives this sculpture a strong aura. The body of the serpent is coiled and can be partially seen behind that of the Jina.

This sculpture has a very masculine, well-modeled and strong body. The shoulders are broad, the chest is thrust out and the waist is slim. His long arms hang by the sides of his powerful body. His face is rounded and serene, and his lips are curved in a faint smile denoting inner peace.

Most Jain and Buddhist sculptures of this early period are usually in very poor condition with the facial expressions tending to get completely worn off over time. This sculpture not only has the face and features intact, but is also a radiant and typical example. The whole composition has a very serene and peaceful aura.

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