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Seated Devi    

10th Century

Andhra Pradesh

Height: 23 in (59 cm)

One of the Saptamatrikas (seven holy mothers) is seen here seated in royal ease. She is holding a 'khadaga' or large knife in her lower right hand, which rests on her raised right knee, and a shallow cup in her lower left hand, which rests on her thigh. In her upper hands she would have held the 'vajra' and 'shakti'.

The Devi has a well modeled body, broad at the shoulders and narrow at the waist. She has a rounded face with perfectly shaped lips and nose. Her limbs are long, well rounded and shapely. Her upper body is bare, while her lower vestment is beautifully draped around her legs in fine folds. Part of the large halo that surrounded her head is also visible. The Devi is crowned, and wears large earrings, armbands and wristbands. Her necklace is thick, multi-layered and prominent. Her hair is seen spread out behind her head like the flames of a fire. There is a strong determination in her appearance as she sits straight-backed on a pedestal.

The subject can be identified by the presence of a small elephant at the lower left, denoting that she is Indrani, the female aspect of Indra. This is a very rare and unusual piece in many respects. The manner in which a thick drape spreads over the shoulders is unusual. Also noteworthy is the design of the bracelets and the flaming hair. These features coupled with the blackish colour of the stone indicate that the piece is a rare creation that originates from Andhra Pradesh.

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