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Biography of Ram Kumar

Pundole’ Joint Exhibition with M. F. Husain V. S. Gaitonde Akbar Padamsee and Krishen Khanna Pundole Art Gallery Mumbai 1988 ‘Three Indian Artists’...Indian Painters in Europe Gallery One London 1958 Graphic exhibition with M. F. Husain Tyeb Mehta and V. S. Gaitonde Mumbai 1952 Delhi Shilpi

Biography of Satish Gujral

‘Winter Modern’s’ Aicon New York 1960 Group Show with six other Artists M.F. Husain Mohan Samant V. S. Gaitonde Ram Kumar K.S. Kulkarni Krishen Khanna ...ArtsIndia New York 2001 ‘Gujral Paintings Drawings and Sculpture’ Visual Art Gallery India Habitat Centre New Delhi 2001 'Satish Gujral’s Paintings

Profile of Bal Chhabda

Ebrahim Alkazi and artist Tyeb Mehta S H Raza Krishen Khanna Ram Kumar V S Gaitonde used to assemble. Husain and Gaitonde urged him to paint. Since ...the important artists working in Mumbai in the 50's. Chhabda's work has faintly discernible boundaries of the form in lyric dispositions.

Interview of Maqbool Fida Husain

wiped out the Western influence. There was a revival of traditional Indian art elements. Painters like F. N. Souza Ara S. H. Raza V. S. Gaitonde Ram ... "What better training could anyone have?" remarked fellow artist (S H) Raza years later referring to the billboard phase of my career after I became well

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