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Profile of Manish Pushkale

Manish Pushkale was born in Bhopal in 1973. A trained geologist Manish also studied art at the art college in Bhopal. He is also a recipient of the S. H. Raza foundation award. Pushkale has had solo exhibitions in Bhopal 1994 Delhi 1997 Pundole Art Gallery Mumbai 2003 and Paris 2003.

Profile of Sujata Bajaj

She held her first show at the Bal Gandharva Art Gallery Pune in 1978. At one of her exhibitions somewhere in mid 1980s Sujata met painter S H Raza ...went to in Paris at Raza's insistence. She was awarded an invitation scholarship by the French Government. In Paris she enrolled at the Ecole

Profile of Hari Ambadas Gade

where he took a Diploma in Art in 1949 and later a Masters Degree (1950). It was around this time that Gade came in touch with artist S H Raza whose watercolors echoed the style of his mentor Walter Langhammer then the art critic at 'The Times of India'. Raza gave him a lot of advice on painting

Biography of Pandit Khairnar

2000 ‘Artists Choice Section’ Selected by S. H. Raza National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) Mumbai 2000 Art and Technology Section Selected ... 1992 Diploma in Fine Arts L S. Raheja School of Art Mumbai. 1989 Diploma in Art Teacher Aurangabad Selected Solo Exhibitions 2002 Citibank

Profile of G R Santosh

formed as a result of painter S. H. Raza's efforts to mobilize Kashmiri painters. He showed across India as a member of this association. In 1954 he won the government scholarship to study Fine Arts under painter N. S. Bendre at the MS University Baroda. In his early years Santosh was greatly

Profile of Vijay Shinde

is the inaugural show of Gallery Tao in January 2000 along with artists like S H Raza Prabhakar Kolte Sujata Bajaj and Anant Nikam. He was also part ...Vivekananda and J Krishnamoorti apart from India’s popular mythological sagas to imbibe the strands of India’s mystical and spiritual traditions. Vijay

Biography of Sheetal Gattani

organized by Lakeeren Gallery at the British Council Mumbai 2000 ‘Ideas and Images ’II Artist’s Choice section – selected by S. H. Raza National Gallery ... Selected Group Exhibitions 2009 'Divagations Spaces of Possibility' Raza Foundation Awardees Show Art Alive New Delhi 2009 'Deep In Black' Galerie

Interview of Maqbool Fida Husain

wiped out the Western influence. There was a revival of traditional Indian art elements. Painters like F. N. Souza Ara S. H. Raza V. S. Gaitonde Ram ... "What better training could anyone have?" remarked fellow artist (S H) Raza years later referring to the billboard phase of my career after I became well

Biography of Sujata Bajaj

Exhibitions 2003 S. H. Raza and Sujata Bajaj Gallery Guild Mumbai 1999 S .H. Raza and Sujata Bajaj Gallery Seven Mumbai Participations ...Arts Ecole des Beaux Arts Paris 1988 L’Exposition de Peinture Contemporaine Indienne Tarbes France 2003 Raza Foundation Award 1991 Bombay

Biography of S H Raza

Legend S H Raza’ a Traveling Exhibition at Hong Kong Singapore Dubai Mumbai New Delhi organized by Aryan Art Gallery New Delhi 2006 ‘Rang Ras – S....Between Continuity and Transformation’ Province of Milan Milan Italy 2005 Arts India New York 2004 Aryan Art Gallery Delhi 2004 ‘S. H. Raza

Profile of Ram Kumar

Paritosh Sen Jehangir Sabavala Krishen Khanna S H Raza and Akbar Padamsee - combined an internationalist desire with the need to belong emphatically ...the individuality even idiosyncrasy of his performance. Ram Kumar’s art which has proceeded through an alternation of joyous expressivity

Interview of Vijay Shinde

with artists like S H Raza Prabhakar Kolte Sujata Bajaj and Anant Nikam. Another interesting show that I participated in was a traveling show that comprised ...years Husain Gaitonde Raza Padamsee and Barve to name a few. Their thoughts and their works were encouraging. They would elaborate upon critical

Profile of Bal Chhabda

Ebrahim Alkazi and artist Tyeb Mehta S H Raza Krishen Khanna Ram Kumar V S Gaitonde used to assemble. Husain and Gaitonde urged him to paint. Since ...the important artists working in Mumbai in the 50's. Chhabda's work has faintly discernible boundaries of the form in lyric dispositions.

Interview of Sanjay Kumar

emerge. I also admire the work of S. H. Raza. The way he expresses even the basic elements of life the way he uses symbolism drawn from Indian art

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