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Biography of Vivek

Kalidas Exhibition Ujjain 1976 1977 All India Exhibition MKKP Raipur 1976 1978 National Scholarship under J. Swaminathan Delhi 1977 M.P.

Profile of S Harsha Vardhana

S. Harsha Vardhana gave up a successful career as a Bio-Scientist in 1993 to pursue his love for painting a passion that remained a mere hobby for many years. Son of the late modern master J. Swaminathan Harsha Vardhana’s inclination towards an artistic practice seemed almost natural.

Profile of Seema Ghurayya

paintings to be a vague new-fangled experiment in abstract the late modernist J. Swaminathan had nothing but praise for them. "Her abstractions resound

Profile of Aashish Swami

Born in the tribal belt of Madhya Pradesh at Manpur Umaria. After completing his B.A. at Umaria he joined Kalabhavan Shantiniketan and completed his B.F.A. In 1985 his first exhibition took place at Bhopal which was inaugurated by the late J. Swaminathan. In 1989 he completed his M.F.A

Profile of Himmat Shah

He was also a member of the 1890 group. The emergence of the group 1890 in the wake of the Indo-China war led by J. Swaminathan was said

Profile of G Reghu

Reghu's language and aesthetic has been moulded by two significant encounters his early contract with Elizabeth and Laurie Baker with their Gandhian philosophy of working with indigenous materials and J. Swaminathan at the Bharat Bhavan who in his persona of a 'tribal' artist voiced the cause

Biography of Rahim Mirza

Bangalore 1995 Raza Award Exhibition Gwalior 1995 J. Swaminathan Memorial Art Exhibition Bhopal 1995 First Eastern Print Biennial Bhuwaneshwar

Profile of Jangarh Singh

Jangarh belonged to the Gond community of Mandla district in Madhya Pradesh. In 1981 artist J Swaminathan discovered his talent and brought him to work at the Bharat Bhavan in Bhopal when Jangarh was just 16. Here Jangarh developed his own style a brilliant mix of tribal and modern contemporary

Profile of Anwar Khan

against the trend towards figuration that was popular during his stint at Gwalior Anwar was guided in Bhopal by the late eminent artist J. Swaminathan in developing a personal visual vocabulary and using it to communicate through his art. Swaminathan as a teacher and mentor introduced Anwar

Biography of Siraj Saxena

Art Gallery Indore. 1998 ‘Art From the Land of heart’ Art Indus Gallery New Delhi. 1998 Exhibition dedicated to J. Swaminathan M.P Kala Parishad

Interview of S Harsha Vardhana

Sheikh Amitava Das Manjit Bawa Mona Rai Rajendra Dhawan J. Swaminathan Q.You didn't undergo formal training for art

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