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Profile of Manik Walavakar

She admires the work of Atul Dodiya and Bhupen Khakkar. She paints for her own satisfaction and would like to teach art at some point.

Profile of Prashant Chavan

and this is reflected in his work. Prashant prefers to work on large spaces and admires the work of Atul Dodiya. He has completed his B.F.A.

Profile of Nataraj Sharma

Reality In Mixed Media Natraj Sharma is one of the two Indian painters who have won the Sotheby award. Along with Atul Dodiya he is ranked as one India's most prolific painters. Almost a recluse he hardly exhibits his works. Sharma works in mixed media. In his canvas engine oil-

Profile of Atul Dodiya

" Born in Mumbai in 1959 Atul Dodiya one of the most sought after contemporary artists today completed his Bachelor in Fine Arts from the Sir J. J....exhibitions in Mumbai Kolkata New Delhi and Amsterdam he has participated in many group exhibitions both in India and abroad. Atul Dodiya lives and works

Interview of Atul Dodiya

Atul Dodiya he speaks about his experiments concerns style and the Indianness of his paintings. How Indian is Indian art in terms of influences style and evolution? Or like with writing can one say that one presents certain things differently to suit an international audience?

Biography of Shibu Natesan

Art Gallery Mumbai. Joint Exhibitions 2004 ‘In Transit I’ with Atul Dodiya Temporary Gallery organized by Sakshi Gallery and Alexander Ochs

Biography of Anju Dodiya

‘Leela’ Artists response to Haridwar with Amit Ambalal Atul Dodiya Bhupen Khakhar Gallery Espace New Delhi 2001 ‘The Bodied Self’ Sans Tache Gallery

Interview of Alok Bal

for speculation and inspiration. Artists whose work you admire ……. I enjoy the work of Atul Dodiya Bhupen Khakkar and K.G. Subramanyam for the very

Interview of Amitava

of painters whose work I like is Atul Dodiya. And from my contemporaries I think the work of Prabhakar Kolte is brilliant and I used to like Jogen

Interview of Rajib Chowdhury

Indian contemporary artist is Atul Dodiya and Baroda based artist are Anandjit Ray Surendran Nair and Natraj Sharma in the senior category.

Biography of Pushpamala N

Mumbai 1985 ‘Pushpamala N Atul Dodiya and Akitham Vasudevan’ Gallery 7 Mumbai 1985 ‘Seven Young Sculptor’s Kasauli Art Centre New Delhi

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